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Minutes of Conservation Commission Site Inspection, 11/11/2017

AGENDA: Conservation Commission Site Inspection

RECEIVED 11/22/2017 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Minutes of Site Inspection

LOCATION: Paula Cartoun Application #17-12
42 Wayside Lane

DATE: November 11, 2017

TIME: 8:30 AM

D. Pattee, S. Green, B. Hill, T. Miller, W. Perlman and S. Robinson

M. Mazzucco, M. Cartoun

A.Pardee (ZEO/WEO)

The Commission inspected the house location and the proposed septic system area. The proximity to the wetlands corridor was noted. The proposed driveway route was inspected as was the wetlands area next to a portion of the driveway. A suggestion was made by the Commission to investigate the possibility of the granting of an easement to move the driveway closer to the existing garage and away from the wetlands.

The site inspection ended at 9:00 am.

Submitted by David Pattee