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Minutes of Conservation Commission Site Inspection-65 Hopewell Woods Road, 12/11/2021

AGENDA: Conservation Commission Site Inspection-65 Hopewell Woods Road

RECEIVED 12/14/2021 8:30am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Redding Conservation Commission
Minutes of Site Inspection

LOCATION:      Nicole & Robert Denkin   Application #21-19
                         65 Hopewell Woods Road
DATE:                  December 11, 2021
TIME:                  9:00 AM

COMMISSION:  D. Pattee, S. Green, B. Hill, C. Matzke, , W. Perlman, S. Robinson
APPLICANT:     N. Denkin, R. Denkin

The Commission inspected the area for the proposed pool.  The outline of the pool had been staked.  The ends of the existing septic galleries had also been staked.  The downslope wetlands area was observed.

The site inspection ended at 9:15 am.

Submitted by:  David Pattee

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