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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 09/17/2016

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 09/19/2016 3:42pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Town of Redding
Historic Review Committee
P. O. Box 1028
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028

Saturday, September 17, 2016
12:00 PM, Old Town House

Present: Chairman Raymond D’Angelo, Secretary Anda Cumings, alt. Sherry Karraker, Vice Chairman Matt Lecher, historian Charley Couch, property owner Jeff Morgan.

Chairman Raymond D’Angelo calls the meeting to order at 12:35PM.

I.  Approval of Minutes of September 9, 2016
Minutes are reviewed. Matt Lecher motions that they be accepted as posted.  Raymond D’Angelo seconds, all vote in favor.

Raymond D’Angelo addresses the Committee ahead of proceeding, with a reminder that members are to limit the content of their email communications (particularly where more than one Committee member is copied) to the scheduling of meetings,  and transmittal of data files (reports, photos, maps) as needed for study prior to meetings.  In no event are any opinions, voting, analyses or other discussion of applicants or their properties permissible.  All Committee deliberations are done in a public forum in previously posted meetings.

II.  74 Wayside Lane Barn (demolition application under 180 day Demolition Delay)
Barn owners Jeff and Heather Morgan have submitted to the HRC a report that describes adjustments to their original demolition plan.  Jeff Morgan has also prepared an inventory of the barn beams, so as to determine how many of these can be reused or repurposed in the new structure. The section of the Morgan Barn Proposal specifying actions proposed reads as follows:

“…4. Historic Considerations:  we propose to accommodate the concerns of the Historic Review Board in the following ways:  a) The new structure will be located on the existing footprint, with foundations and drainage that comply with current code, while maintaining the style of the `bank barn’.  b) We are prepared to carefully remove and re-use any of the existing beams that are still `fit for purpose’ (i.e. not rotten, badly insect- damaged, or significantly warped). c) We are prepared to carefully remove the older or `most original’ of the existing boards, and to find a way to incorporate them in the interior, perhaps by utilizing them to panel a gable wall, provided they are still `fit for purpose’. d) We are prepared to re-use the antique glass window. e) We are willing to have the barn in its current state fully documented, and to provide further access during demolition should anything that appears to be of historic significance be uncovered.  We will also provide copies of old photographs of the barn that were found in the attic when we moved in. f) As an alternative to re-purposing the beams, siding, and window, we are prepared to donate them to any interested parties.”

Public discussion of this section of the report ensues, with all present participating. Matt Lecher asks questions concerning the width of the new structure and use of the original footprint. It is brought to the attention of the Committee that there have been repairs and changes to the barn over the years, and that some of the posts and beams are not original. As an expansion to the idea in item 4f of the report, Chairman Ray D’Angelo invites Jeff Morgan to investigate the website, where it is possible to place the barn on an endangered structures exchange.  This may attract someone who will remove the barn and reconstruct it at another site. After more discussion, the Chairman motions to close the public discussion, seconded by Matt Lecher.  All vote in favor.

Anda Cumings then motions that the Demolition Delay Ordinance be lifted to allow the property owners Jeff and Heather Morgan to continue with their barn project at 74 Wayside Lane with the plans as described in their report “Morgan Barn Proposal.”, with the considerations put forth in item #4 referring to preservation and repurposing of the barn materials taking precedent.

Chairman Ray D’Angelo asks the Committee if this motion should be contingent upon further documentation of the barn, and if so, what that documentation should entail. The question is also raised of what will happen if the barn parts are ruined in the demolition process. Anda Cumings responds that Charley Couch’s report is already a thorough and substantial piece of historic documentation, and that the photos offered by the Morgans could be added to enhance it.  These materials are initially stored with the Land Use office, but are available for use by the Historical Society or other interested parties. In addition, it is noted that in order for the stipulations of item #4 of the Morgan Barn Proposal to be met, demolition has to be performed in an orderly manner. This discussion satisfies the Committee, and the motion holds. Matt Lecher seconds the motion.  All vote in favor.

Jeff Morgan will remain in contact with Raymond D’Angelo in order to send him the promised photos and to apprise him of the progress of the project.

III.  Chairman’s report- update on 436 Redding Road.  Charley Couch’s report will be completed pending confirmation of the ownership and/or rights to conservancy of this property.  According to his research, there is a possibility that the Nature Conservancy and the DEP have rights in the demolition matter. Julia Pemberton has been informed, and Charley will continue his work when clarification is obtained.

Raymond D’Angelo motions to adjourn.  Seconded by Anda Cumings.  The meeting adjourns at approximately 1:45PM.

Submitted by: Anda Elisa Cumings
Secretary, Historic Review Committee


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