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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 12/01/2016

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 12/05/2016 3:34pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Town of Redding
Historic Review Committee
P.O. Box 1028
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028

Thursday December 1, 2016

Present: Ray D’Angelo, Anda Cumings, alt. Jean Taylor, Matt Lecher, historian Charley Couch, First Selectman Julia Pemberton.

Chairman Ray D’Angelo calls the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

Ray opens the meeting by motioning that discussion of a new demolition application for a house at 108 Sport Hill Road be placed on the agenda. Anda Cumings seconds, all vote in favor.

I. Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting. Anda Cumings re-reads the minutes of the last meeting of September 17, 2016. Ray D’Angelo motions that the minutes be accepted as posted, seconded by Matt Lecher, all vote in favor.

II. Demolition Application- 432 Redding Road. Ray D’Angelo updates the Committee on recent communications with property owner Aquarian. Charley Couch also updates the Committee on similar communications. Aquarian had requested confirmation of Charley’s insurance in connection with taking materials and objects from the site and moving them to the Historical Society, and reclaiming the brick to repair Umpawaug Schoolhouse. Although the 180 day delay imposed on Aquarian has expired and they are free to demolish the house, the Committee would still like to ask for the items from the house. This was communicated to Aquarian during the delay period. Julia Pemberton points out that we need to be aware of the legal mechanism by which to request that historical artifacts and materials be donated to a separate entity such as the Historical Society, or to the Town. She will look further into the issue and advise Ray D’Angelo as to how this should be handled. A letter of closure with Aquarian is appropriate, however.

III. Demolition Application- 108 Sport Hill Road. This application was received by the Land Use Office this week. The property owner is Michael Berliner, and the application was submitted by the builder Titan Bue of Monroe on Mr. Berliner’s behalf. The original house was a 1908 cape to which a number of alterations and additions have been made over the years. All present view the land card, property photos, proposed construction plans and other materials provided by the Land Use Office. Discussion by the Committee ensues.

Anda Cumings motions that, although the original house at 108 Sport Hill Road is 108 years old, it is so altered as to no longer be an example of architecture of its type, and the historic sensitivity of the structure is negligible. For these reasons, the Demolition Delay Ordinance is waived. Matt Lecher seconds, all vote in favor. Ray D’Angelo will contact the property owner with this decision after the meeting.

IV. Chairman’s Report. Ray D’Angelo is eager to hear back from Peter Olsen as to recommended changes in the Demolition Delay Ordinance language and related Committee procedures.

Anda Cumings motions to adjourn the meeting, Matt Lecher seconds.
The meeting is adjourned at 7:50 PM
Submitted by:
Anda Cumings, Secretary
Historic Review Committee