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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 08/02/2018

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 08/07/2018 11:00am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Town of Redding
Historic Review Committee
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Old Town House

Present: Chairman Ray D’Angelo, Secretary Anda Cumings, Land Use and Zoning enforcement officer Aimee Pardee.

Ray D’Angelo started the meeting at 7:30PM.

I. Minutes of the prior meeting, July 19th : Ray D’Angelo asks that the last sentence in Part II referring to the 21 day limitation be stricken. Anda Cumings motions to accept the minutes of the meeting of July 19, 2018 with this change. Seconded by Ray D’Angelo, both vote in favor.

II. New demolition application procedures: Ray explains that demolition applications are now submitted and processed on line. The Building Department (Linda) will now alert the Land Use Office (Carol) of all demolition applications as soon as they are started. The Land Use Office (Carol) will then create a paper copy of the application and include it in the information file required by the Historic Review Committee for its deliberations. It is noted that it is not necessary for the application to have been completely processed by the Building Department for the HRC to determine applicability of the delay ordinance.

III. Demolition Application for garage at 140 Old Redding Road, owner Brian Gregg. Discussion ensues, with the following facts presented. The proposed demolition is of a garage on the property once owned by the late Marianne Guitar. The garage, positioned close to the edge of Old Redding Road, was originally built in 1900, had a shed added in 1950, and another shed added in 1960. The door appears to be relatively modern. The roof is deeply bowed, indicating structural deterioration. The garage is not on the state register of historic structures, nor is it a candidate for the register, as it does not meet any criteria for historic preservation. There is no unique character or architectural significance to the building. Anda Cumings motions that the Demolition Delay Ordinance not be applied to the proposed demolition of the garage at 140 Old Redding Road. Seconded by Ray D’Angelo, both vote in favor.

IV. There is no Chairman’s Report.

Anda Cumings motions to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ray D’Angelo.
Meeting adjourns 8:30 PM

Submitted by:
Secretary Anda E. Cumings, Historic Review Committee

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