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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 01/17/2019

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee Special Meeting

RECEIVED 01/22/2019 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Town of Redding
Historic Review Committee
P.O. Box 1028
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028

Thursday, January 17, 2019
Old Town House

Present: Chairman Ray D’Angelo, Vice Chairman Matt Lecher, Secretary Anda Cumings, alternate Jean Taylor, agent of the applicant Joe Nazzarro, also at 7:30 PM property owner Bryan Gregg and his spouse Hana Gregg.

Chairman Ray D’Angelo calls the meeting to order at 7PM. As the first order of the meeting is to discuss and vote on the minutes of the last two meetings and Matt Lecher was present at neither, Jean Taylor is seated for Matt for Agenda item I.

I. Minutes of last meetings, 12/20/2018 and Site Visit 12/29/2018. Secretary Anda Cumings reads the minutes of the 12/20/2018 meeting aloud to all present. She motions to accept the minutes as posted, this is seconded by Ray D’Angelo and all vote in favor. Anda then reads the minutes of the Site Visit of 12/29/18 and motions that they be accepted as posted. Ray D’Angelo seconds and all vote in favor. Ray reseats Matt Lecher for the remainder of the meeting.

II. Demolition application for 140 Old Redding Road. Ray opens the discussion on the demolition application currently waiting on the 180 day delay for possible historic sensitivity. Anda Cumings has officially notified the applicant of this status in a letter delivered by email on December 21, 2018. A site visit was completed by the Committee on December 29, 2018. On January 8, 2019, town archeologist Stuart Reeve accompanied Land Use Officer Aimee Pardee on an additional site visit as part of his research and recommendation to the Committee as to the historic sensitivity of the property. Stuart Reeve also conducted additional research in Town records and other archives, and produced an extensive report which was distributed to Committee members prior to the meeting, and is a permanent part of the demolition application file. Anda points out various aspects of Stuart’s report, particularly the fact that the house represents multiple remodeling efforts by several owners over the years, and that most of the changes were done with inexpensive materials. Stuart also concluded, after researching the litany of owners of the house, that the most famous of these is the most recent owner, the late Mary Anne Guitar. Jean Taylor adds from her research at the library facts related to the other antique houses on the road, and how studies discuss those, but do not include the house at 140 Redding Road as having historic significance. Ray inquires whether it is possible to save any part of the gardens or plant specimens. Aimee Pardee indicates that this is out of the purview of the Committee. Matt Lecher comments that the report points out that any opportunity to save the house and the historic significance therein is now in the past, due to its heavily deteriorated condition. Moreover, the overall recommendation of the Stuart Reeve report is that, due to a lack of physical or historic architectural integrity, the house should not qualify for the demolition delay. Ray closes the discussion and asks for a motion.

Matt Lecher motions that the house and outbuildings at 140 Old Redding Road be released from the 180 day demolition delay. Ray D’Angelo seconds the motion, and all vote in favor. Ray will officially notify the applicant in writing.

III. Committee calendar and meetings. The Town Clerk has suggested that the Committee modify its regular meeting calendar, as there are frequent cancellations for lack of agenda. This puts a strain on the Town Clerk’s office. The Committee agrees that setting every third Thursday as a regular meeting day is a good compromise, and that special meetings will be posted as needed. Ray also briefly discusses that it has been brought to the attention of the Committee that the revised demolition delay procedures developed by Peter Olsen and the Committee two years ago have not yet gone before the Board of Selectmen and been subjected to a public hearing. Until that happens, the Committee is to make sure that its process is consistent with the original 2013 demolition delay ordinance.

IV. Chairman’s report. Ray D’Angelo has nothing further than what was discussed in III above. He requests a motion to adjourn.

Matt Lecher motions to adjourn, seconded by Anda Cumings. The meeting adjourns at 8:10PM.

Submitted by:
Anda E. Cumings, Secretary

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