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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 09/16/2021

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 09/20/2021 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Thursday, September 16, 2021 7PM
Zoom Meeting

Present: Chairman Ray D’Angelo, Secretary Anda Cumings, alternate Jean Taylor, alternate Sherry Karraker, Land Use and Zoning enforcement officer Aimee Pardee, property owner Susan Milmore.

Ray D’Angelo started the meeting at 7:00PM. Jean Taylor is seated for Vice Chairman Matt Lecher.

I. Minutes of Last Meeting, November 19, 2020. Chairman Ray asks if there are any modifications, and there are none. Anda Cumings motions that the minutes be accepted without change, Jean Taylor seconds, all vote in favor.

II. Demolition Application dated 8/31/2021 for an aviary outbuilding at 215 Gallows Hill Road, owners Susan Milmore and Dimitro Kulek. Ray opens the discussion for this application. Prior to the meeting, the Land Use Office has made available to the Committee a copy of the property field card, the property map, the demo application, a photo of the outbuilding, information from historian Bruce Nelson, and a full report from archeologist and historian Stuart Reeve. The site has also been visited by Land Use Officer Aimee Pardee. Ray reads aloud the conclusion of Stuart Reeve’s report, which states that the outbuilding in question does not have historical or archeological value, and that it is Stuart Reeve’s professional opinion that there is no basis upon which to institute a 180 day demolition delay. Aimee Pardee confirms that the building is beyond repair. Anda Cumings motions that the 180 day demolition delay be waived, as the aviary has no historical or archeological significance. Jean Taylor seconds, the motion passes unanimously.

III. Chairman’s Report. There is no official Chairman’s Report. Anda Cumings motions to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jean Taylor.
Meeting adjourns 7:15 PM

Submitted by:
Secretary Anda E. Cumings

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