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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 04/14/2014

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 04/16/2014 11:09am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Chairman Robert Dean, Jean Taylor seated for Secretary Anda Cumings, Member Matt Lecher, and Alternates Sherry Karraker
Also present: Consultants Stuart Reeve and Kathleen Von Jena, agents for property owners builders John Desmond and Sean Desmond
Chairman Rob Dean called the meeting to order at 7:30PM.

I. Approval of Minutes
A. It is noted that in the Minutes of the Site Walk of April 7, 2014, the property visited is incorrectly identified as 244 Black Rock Turnpike, as opposed to 216 Poverty Hollow Road. On a motion by Rob Dean and seconded by Matt Lecher, the Minutes of the Site Walk of April 7, 2014 are accepted unanimously as amended.
B. On a motion by Rob Dean and seconded by Matt Lecher the Minutes of the Meeting of April 3, 2014 are accepted unanimously.

II. Determination of Historic Sensitivity- 216 Poverty Hollow Road
A. Presentation of Consultants’ Reports and Committee Discussion
Consultant Charlie Couch submitted a report for this property to the Committee via email. Rob Dean presents a summary of this submission. Materials from a 2002 study of Poverty Hollow by Consultants Stuart Reeve and KathleenVon Jena are distributed, as is an Architectural Bulletin from the CT Trust for Historical Preservation published in 2005. From the information provided, 216 Poverty Hollow is described as an early worker’s house converted by Noble Hoggson, and bought by his sister in 1916, when the area was gentrified. Photos from the Town Land Use office collection are presented. It is noted that Hoggson added a colonial style arch. An historical analysis is needed to determine precisely where the historical house ends, and where the more recent alterations begin. Consultant Charlie Couch’s report suggests retaining the original portion of the house as a guest house. Builder Sean Desmond speaks of the significant damage from mold and a wet basement, and of what he sees as required structural repairs. He also adds that the additions have compromised the historical significance. Builder John Desmond adds that mitigating all the present day code violations will prevent remodeling of the original house.

B. Vote Regarding Historical Sensitivity
Chariman Robert Dean moves that, in view of the Committees’s findings that portions of this house preceding 1915 (the Hoggson renovation) have potential historical sensitivity, the Demolition Delay Ordinance (180 day delay) is not waived. Jean Taylor seconds the motion, and a vote is taken. The motion is carried with two votes aye, one nay.

Chariman Dean motions to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jean Taylor. The meeting is adjourned at 9:30PM.
Submitted by:
Secretary Anda E. Cumings
per notes by Jean Taylor seated for the Secretary
Minutes of the Historic Review Committee April 14, 2014