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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 12/11/2014

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 12/15/2014 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Chairman Robert Dean, Secretary Anda Cumings, Alternate Jean Taylor seated for Matt Lecher, and Alternate Sherry Karraker.

Also Present: Consultant Charley Couch

Chairman Robert Dean called the meeting to order at 7:44 PM.
I. Minutes of Special Meeting, December 04, 2014
Secretary Anda Cumings presents a summary of the Minutes of the last Committee meeting, held on December 4th. After brief discussion, an omission is noted by Jean Taylor. Under Part II on the second page, an item #4 should be added, reading as follows:
4. Jean Taylor is to locate the demolition delay ordinance currently enforced in the Town of Westport, and either provide copies of its language to the Committee or direct its members to the appropriate website where this information can be found.

Rob Dean motions to accept the Minutes with this addition, seconded by Jean Taylor. The motion is accepted unanimously.

II. Demolition Delay application- 267 Newtown Turnpike
Members of the Committee and Charley Couch joined architect Mac Peterson on a site visit of the property at this address earlier this day. In addition, Charley Couch provides to the Committee at this time a summarized history of the property based on his research of tax records. The Beers 1867 map of Redding indicates the presence of an industrial area known as “Sanford & Banks” in existence from 1860-1871 at the 267 Newtown Road address. This was sold in 1871 to one Oliver Jordan, whose wife actually purchased and lived in what appears to be the dwelling now central to this demolition application. Oliver Jordan had a pin factory, a saw mill and a cider mill operating in this area, although by 1875 records seem to show only one business active.
The structures to be demolished at this location, however, consist of modern additions to what appears to be a mid-19th century barn (judging from observation of materials and methods of construction) and modern outbuildings. The intent of the property owner, according to the demolition application, is to preserve the old barn. After additional discussion, Robert Dean motions that the Committee finds as follows:
The structures planned for demolition or partial demolition at 267 Newtown Turnpike are not structures of historic sensitivity, therefore, no demolition delay need be applied. However, the portion of the main dwelling being preserved does indicate potential historic sensitivity, because it appears to be a mid-19th century barn (from observation of the materials and methods of construction). If, in the course of construction, the status of this barn were to change due to deterioration or construction contingencies, the Committee would require separate consideration of that structure at that time. The property at this address has a history that includes significant historic features of Redding’s 19th century industrial landscape; thus, the Committee would encourage the sharing of data or artifacts uncovered during the course of construction with bodies such as the Redding Historical Society, the Redding Preservation Society, or state historic preservation agencies. Anda Cumings seconds the motion, which is accepted unanimously.
Anda Cumings then motions to add a new demolition application for 57 Hopewell Woods Road to the Agenda. Robert Dean seconds the motion, which is accepted unanimously.

III. New Demolition Application- 57 Hopewell Woods Road
Chairman Dean presents the demolition application and related documents submitted to the Land Use Office to the Committee. After a brief discussion, Rob Dean motions as follows:

The demolition of the structure at 57 Hopewell woods Road, which is described as a dog shed, does not indicate a structure of historic sensitivity, and therefore the demolition delay would not apply. Jean Taylor seconds the motion, which is accepted unanimously.

IV. Chairman’s Report
Rob Dean discusses briefly other Committee activities and concerns, most of which are described in the Minutes of the last meeting. He points out that as the Committee does not have a regular meeting, our meetings are to be called Special Meetings. Rob is also planning to write to Jo-An Brooks of the Land Use Office to address her questions regarding the Committee and adherence to FOI.

Jean Taylor motions that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Anda Cumings.

The meeting is adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Submitted by: Secretary Anda E. Cumings