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Minutes of Long Range Financial Planning, 04/18/2013

AGENDA: Long Range Financial Planning

RECEIVED 04/29/2013 1:02pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: S.Gniadek (Chairman), D. Takacs, P. Sullivan

Chairman Gniadek called the meeting to order at 5:07 pm.

Motion: to approve minutes from January 31, 2013. Takacs, Sullivan. Approved. Unanimous


The following TOWN projects scheduled for 2013-14 were discussed including the latest cost updates:

  1.  9 Ton Dump Truck (Highway) and 4 Wheel Drive vehicle (Building ) are included in 2013-14 Leased Equipment budget at annual payment of $ 38k and $ 4k respectively
  2.  Highway Garage Addition – originally budgeted at $ 600k.  Latest cost estimate is for $ 335k for a 2208 square foot steel building with 6 overhead doors to accommodate newer models height increase
  3.  Salt Shed Roof Replacement  (Highway)–  has deteriorated badly due to corrosive nature of salt. Have obtained 3 quotes, with lowest at $ 26k
  4.  Repair Retaining Wall (Transfer Station) – originally estimated for $ 100k.  Found a local contractor to repair for $ 5k.  Will complete this FY if funds are available in current budget general maintenance account.  Otherwise, will wait until next FY.
  5.  Install Roof over Dumpsters (Transfer Station) – needed to comply with DEEP regulations.  Current estimate including engineering is $ 180k
  6.  Building for Field Maintenance Equip (P&R) – to store tractor and attachments to perform field maintenance in-house. Current estimate of $ 71k versus prior of $ 92k
  7.  Permanent Gym Storage (P&R) – Current estimate of$ 55k vs  prior of 188k.
  8.  Lonetown Farm Museum Renovation – for interior and exterior repairs . Cost estimate of $33.5k is very preliminary.  Also, awaiting cost estimate from Engineering firm to repair cracked chimney and structural support which would be in addition to the amount above
  9.  Stepney Rd Bridge – current estimate of $ 1.034 million will be offset by 27% DOT grant resulting in a net cost to the Town of $ 755k. Engineering design and permitting under way.  This project will need to be shovel ready by June 2014 so as not to disrupt school transportation

Motion:  recommend that all the items above (except 1 and 4) be presented at a future Board of Selectmen’s meeting for discussion and approval. Gniadek, Takacs.  Approved, Unanimous

The timing of Town meeting was discussed in light of the impending Region 9 Roof referendum which may be delayed due to zoning approval and/or potential changes in State roofing specs. Suggested waiting until roof project timeline finalized.

RCC #2 Artificial Turf Field – updated quote of $950k (without $ 50k engineering) vs previous of $870k, but still subject to change.  Additional  $ 50k in donations are committed, bringing total funds to $ 550k. Most likely will not happen this year.

JRMS Artificial Turf – this project probably won’t gain traction until the first field is completed and the benefits can be seen.

The following SCHOOL projects for JRMS scheduled for 2013-14 were discussed:

  1.  Upgrade A/C, Ventilation, and removal of individual units – current estimate of $ 550k
  2.  GYM bleacher replacement, floor refinishing, and padding replacement – does not currently have some safety items that have been grandfathered in.  Current estimate of $150k
  3.  Student Locker Replacement – phase 2 of 4 year plan. Current estimate of $ 83.8k

The following SCHOOL projects for RES scheduled for 2013-14 were discussed:

  1.  Electrical Rewiring – 1948-1957 Wing. Original infrastructure ( 40-50 years old)  Current estimate $ 150k
  2.  Paving and Curbing – replace curbing with concrete.  May get some relief from FEMA submittal Current estimate $ 178k
  3.  Kitchen Ventilation Unit replacement – current system results in major heat loss. Estimate $22k
  4.  Replace West Wing steps and walkway – shifting of retaining wall has caused uneven pavement

Estimate of $ 227k.

Motion:  recommend that the 7 items above be presented at a future Board of Education meeting for discussion and approval. Sullivan,Gniadek.  Approved, Unanimous


Motion: move that the Long Range Financial Planning Committee meeting be adjourned.  Takacs. Gniadek. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 6:04 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Gniadek, Chairman