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Minutes of Mental Health Task Force, 09/18/2014

AGENDA: Mental Health Task Force

RECEIVED 09/22/2014 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Notes from 8/28/2014 pro tem meeting were revised as reference notes, and to reflect that no votes were taken. Motion and second given – unanimous vote.

III. Mary Dale Lancaster was nominated for Chair by Leon Karvelis and seconded by Doug Fuchs and was unanimously elected to the position. Rosalind Kopfstein was appointed as secretary.

IV. Reports from Task Force Members:

a. Chief Fuchs provided a detailed overview of the numbers and types of mental health and emergency assists for the past year. Police calls include family disputes, family violence, suicide attempts, drug overdoses, prescription pill abuse, and drug abuse problems. Discussion about the differences between arrests and voluntary admissions for mental health evaluations occurred. Redding now participates in a Domestic Violence program with specially trained officers who can assess the lethality of each incident.

b. Gail Schiron discussed the SW and NW Regional Mental Health Boards and their services – Redding is served by both.A Mental Health First Aid training will be offered in town in November. Information from these sources will be distributed to the local clergy, library, and the schools.

c. Ros Kopfstein reported on the Infoline and 211 phone system for CT. The website has been revised but information on Mental Health services is not readily visible for someone unfamiliar with the website. Gail will distribute 211 materials to the community. Infoline will produce an ad for us to publish in our media sources in the future.

d. Leon Karvelis reviewed legislation and discovered that the definition of at-risk reporting standards varies significantly in current state laws. Unlike most states, there is no CT mandate for outpatient commitment of an individual experiencing mental health problems.

e. Mary Dale Lancaster prepared a list of questions for the Board of Education administrators who will attend the October meeting.

V. Reviewed questions for School Board guests for the next meeting on October 2nd.

VI. The meeting adjourned at 3: 20 p.m.

VII. Next Meeting will be October 2nd at 2 p.m. in Town Hall.

In Attendance: Chief Doug Fuchs; Selectmen Leon Karvelis; Rosal