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Minutes of Park and Recreation Commission, 08/03/2015

AGENDA: Park and Recreation Commission

RECEIVED 08/06/2015 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Commission members: Board, Jones, Palmer, Dorenbosch (7:55 pm) Staff: R. Blick and First Selectman Pemberton (8:00 pm) Chairman Kevin Jones began the meeting on August 3, 2015 at 7:32 pm. A quorum was not present. DIRECTOR’S REPORT Mr. Blick provided his monthly report for July. He highlighted the most recent information:

  • Day Camp & Travel Camp: attendance has been running close to last year’s figures, with one week to go, Mr. Blick anticipates final attendance numbers will exceed the previous year.
  • Topstone Beach: special events have been well attended.
  • Concerts on the Green: Mr. Blick reported that since the article in the Pilot regarding low donations, money has been coming in. Some members of the public have stepped forward with considerable donations.
  • Field Maintenance: the fields were fertilized in June. The JRMS field work is subcontracted due to restrictions on types of fertilization. The subcontractor will be doing a top dressing of the fields after the P&R staff does the aeration and seeding. This should improve field quality substantially.
  • Building air conditioning: There were a number of problems with the A/C in the Community Center this summer. These have been resolved, and credits were issued for programs that were hampered by the excessive heat. Mr. Blick also noted that the A/C and heat is controlled by the Facility Manager, Willie Roman (in person or remotely by cell phone), and cannot be altered by any other person. This is sometimes inconvenient and can create problems with the room being too hot or too cold. Mr. Jones will check on the protocol with the First Selectman to discuss the potential of allowing the P&R director to have some control over the various areas of the building.
  • Archery: this new program has attracted both children and adults.


A letter was received from a youngster requesting permission to setup a lemonade stand at Topstone Beach, with the proceeds going to a charity. Mr. Blick approved the request. A letter was received from a Topstone patron with regard to the weather/lightening policy. The patron felt that a recent rain event last week warranted getting everyone out of the water. Mr. Blick noted that he was monitoring the radar and the life guards were alert to the weather conditions, and the weather policy was followed.




Mr. Jones noted that the STEAP Grant has been extended to 2018. Mr. Jones has requested an update on costs from Barry Blades for improvement of drainage for RCC #2. There will be further discussion the next meeting to move the field work forward. TOPSTONE BEACH Mr. Jones suggested that consideration be given to getting tree stumps ground down. The stumps are the result of trees being removed from the picnic area. Mr. Jones suggested reaching out to local residents with equipment to do the work. Mr. Blick noted that some money was taken from the guard shack during July by breaking into the building. The money box has been replaced with a new safe. The gate lock has also been replaced. First Selectman Pemberton commented that the cash should be collected and turned in more frequently.


Mr. Jones changed the meeting date to the first Monday of the month to avoid conflicting with other Town meetings. The September meeting will be the second Monday, because of Labor Day. That date conflicts with Rosh Hashanah and Mr. Blick will not be at the meeting. Mr. Jones asked Commission members to give some thought to consideration of the various initiatives that come up, asking for more participation by members.


First Selectman Pemberton reported on a presentation by a young member of the community requested a skate park in Redding. Mrs. Pemberton will provide the information to the P&R Commission for consideration of the project.

The meeting concluded at 8:20 pm

Submitted by Mary Maday, Recording Secretary

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