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Minutes of Park and Recreation Commission, 02/04/2013

AGENDA: Park and Recreation Commission

RECEIVED 02/21/2013 3:02pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Commission members:     P. Degener, Chair, V. Alward (7:04), P. Darlington, J. Dorenbosch, G. Miyashiro, M. McClung, S. Palmer, S. Goldman.

Staff present:  R. Blick

Mr. Degener called the Special Meeting to order at 6:35 PM


Motion: move to approve the minutes of the December10, 2012 meeting as submitted. Palmer, Miyashiro.  Approved.  Unanimous.


Mr. Blick submitted a written report.

  • Budget Workshop: 4 Commission members attended. No news or inquiries regarding proposed P&R 2013-14 budget.
  • Basketball:  season is progressing well. Rob met with school administration (JRMS) and ER9 district operations to address/arrange weekday evening security access for coaches & teams to practice using a “key fob.”
  • RCC Gym Storage: Rob has obtained four preliminary studies from different contractors regarding what might be needed using a “template” provided by Steve Gniadek.
  • All user groups for spring sports are submitting their field & gym requests for their seasons to Rob by Wens. 2/6/13. Rob will coordinate w/schools and give out indoor Gym space (for groups’ use until April vacation.)
  • Ski trip attendance while down has not been too bad, only one trip has been canceled, and 3 have been pretty well attended.

Motion: move to accept the Director’s Report. Darlington, Dorenbosch.  Approved. Unanimous.


Mr. Dorenbosch reported the initial JBHS project plan is being voted on for initial design/planning at the next Region 9 Board of Ed meeting. He also advised the Commission of the policy enacted by Town of Easton for fields usage by youth sports, requires a “per player” fee charged to the league/sport group. Town uses revenue as a General Fund contribution for fields’ maintenance and upkeep.

Mr. Degener asked Commission members to evaluate their opinion on whether the Town of Redding should transfer the State of CT STEAP grant funding originally earmarked for RCC Field #2 improvement to Region 9/JBHS for their planned Field improvement.  Mr. Dorenbosch pointed out that most youth sports groups are now combined with Easton so JBHS would be an appropriate site for a turf field.  Mr. Blick indicated while youth sports groups might get adequate game time on a field at JBHS on weekends, they would get minimum access on weekdays.  Commission members will be asked to vote on their opinion if the STEAP grant should be transferred at the March meeting.


Mr. Blick reviewed status of Lyrics Coffeehouse Series, Ski Trips and Basketball leagues – all programs are running well.


Mr. Miyashiro asked that the mini-survey discussion be tabled until the next meeting.  Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Dog Leashing issue:  Mr. Degener apologized that he hadn’t yet met the Conservation Commission chairman to discuss whether they might agree that a Town Ordinance is needed for leashing dogs on all town-owned properties and Open Space properties, including Topstone Park.  Commission agreed that the proposal will still be submitted to the Selectmen even if Conservation is not included.


This item was tabled to a future meeting.


Ms. Alward presented a program being developed by a group of Redding parents for establishing a teen center located in Redding for youth to gather after school.  The group has met with clubs/groups from Westport, Wilton, Bethel and Ridgefield, as well as the RBGC to evaluate other programs and facilities. Different financial structures, facilities and funding resources are used in different towns and each has developed an effective model for their community.

Ms. Alward did note that youth attendance at different facilities was more frequent among younger teens (13-16) versus older HS youth.  The Redding Teen Center group has established the slogan: “Give Our Kids A Neighborhood” as they continue to meet and gain interest and support.


The next meeting is Monday, February 25, 2013.


Motion:  move to adjourn the meeting. Dorenbosch, Palmer.  Approved Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 7:24 pm.

Submitted from notes,

Paul Degener, Chairman