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Minutes of Park and Recreation Commission – Special, 03/18/2013

AGENDA: Park and Recreation Commission – Special

RECEIVED 03/22/2013 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Commission members: P. Degener, Chair, J. Dorenbosch, S. Palmer, A. Florkowski

Staff present:  R. Blick

Public present:  Bill Rossiter

A quorum was not present, so the meeting was not officially called to order.

Those present discussed the Director’s Report.

  • Topstone Parking area:  this item will be reviewed at the Zoning meeting on March 27, 2013.
  • Leash Ordinance:  Mr. Degener asked Mr. Blick to prepare a draft ordinance and he will work on a draft letter to be sent to the Board of Selectmen requesting an ordinance.
  • Mr. Degener, Mrs. Florkowski and Mr. Miyashiro will meet to review and reword the Topstone survey.
  • Field improvements: Mr. Degener stated that the Town of Redding has applied to renew the STEAP grant for field improvements.  He suggested the Park and Recreation Commission have a discussion on the concept of releasing the grant to the Region 9 Board of Education for use on their stadium field.


The next meeting is Monday, April 22 2013.

The meeting concluded at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Maday, Recording Secretary

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