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Minutes of Planning Commission, 06/26/2018

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 07/03/2018 10:26am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Redding Planning Commission
P.O. Box 1028
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028


Tuesday, June 26, 2018
7:30 p.m. – Old Town House

Present: Toby Welles, Chairman, Nancy King, Alt. James Bacon seated for S. Gagnon at 8:00 p.m.; Alt. Regina O’Brien seated for A. Cummings.

Absent: A. Cumings; S. Gagnon; C. Cilo; C. Matzke, Alt.

Also present: Aimee Pardee, ZEO/WEO
John Hayes, Town Planning Consultant

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES -Meeting of 6/12/18; -Special Meeting of 6/19/18

On the motion of J. Bacon and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the 6/12/18 Meeting and 6/19/18 Special Meeting Minutes.

1. Reference Subdivision App. #271, 201 and 203 Poverty Hollow Road. Alteration of lot line. To Discuss/Vote.

Aimee Pardee reviewed the map but noted that two narrow portions of the lot should not have been included in the lot area calculation. Discussion will continue after a corrected map is received.

2. Reference Subdivision App. #495, 63 Mountain Road. Request to alter approved subdivision plan to allow removal/replacement of one tree. To Discuss/Vote.

Regina O’Brien reported on her site inspection. Photos were reviewed. N. King and T. Welles will also observe the tree proposed for removal.

Aimee Pardee noted that the current work on the property is being conducted by hand. Sean McNamara will be requested to consult on the request.

3. Referral from Zoning, 42 Ledgewood Road. Request for Special Use Permit for Residential Apartment. Public Hearing scheduled for 6/27/18.

The referral was reviewed. Deficiencies were noted regarding square footage and parking space. A. Pardee noted that the issues are the purview of the Zoning Commission.

On the motion of T. Welles and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to forward a positive response noting that the proposal is in conformance with the Town Plan of Conservation & Development.

4. Scenic Road Monitoring. Reports by Commission monitors. Monitors locate asset trees by address. Old Hattertown Road encroachment and Sanfordtown Road mowing.

Sean McNamara will be asked if he has a list of asset trees.

Re: Sherman Turnpike mowing as previously reported by A. Cumings, A. Pardee spoke to the Highway Department and it could not be confirmed who mowed the area.

5. Paving Schedule for roads. Discussion.

The paving schedule was reviewed. T. Welles will request the Highway Department to evaluate the lower end of Poverty Hollow for possible inclusion in the schedule.

6. Town Plan of Conservation & Development 2008. Recommendations to be submitted to the office by email for John Hayes. Review Chapters 5 and 6.

The Commission reviewed Chapter 5 of the Town Plan making text revisions, they also
reviewed Chapter 6, noting that John Hayes will be updated the data in this chapter.

John Hayes reported that he continues to work on mapping with CDM. Mr. Hayes also reported that he is meeting with the planners for Weston, Ridgefield and Wilton re: Georgetown. T. Welles stated that the focus of Chapter 10 is Georgetown. Mr. Hayes was offered administrative assistance with his submission.

7. Discuss recognition of Jo-an’s years of service.

A dinner will be scheduled with Jo-an Brooks. The contributions of Charley Couch were discussed and will be referenced in the Town Plan of Conservation & Development.


1. Subdivision Regulation Revisions: S.R. 4.5. Other? S.R. 4.8 apply to all lots. J. Hayes to provide drafts. Discussion.

2. Draft Driveway Easement & Maintenance Agreement. Received 7/11/17. Updated version reviewed by Counsel. J. Bacon to provide comments regarding arbitration section.

3. IHZ Status. N. King report regarding list of members of Commission.

4. Discussion of solution to prevent truck and tour bus traffic on narrow roads, i.e. GPS companies, signage. Discuss specific road requiring additional signage.

5. Planning Commission needs schedule for reconstruction of town roads for the season. Giles Hill notice received.

6. Changes to IHZ overlay zone on Old Mill Road.

7. Reference App. #504, Mountainside Estates, 40 Mountain Road. Jay Keillor request of detailed bond release schedule.

8. Cul-de-sac Design and Sight Lines, Subdivision Regulations, Section 4.3 and Road Regulations. Meeting of Planning and Zoning designees with Highway Superintendent needed per Meadow Edge problem 3/22/16. Discussion re new dimensions.

9. Establish W. Redding as an attractive Cultural Center.


No items.

On the motion of J. Bacon, and the second of R. O’Brien, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m.

Submitted by: Kristi C. Reilly


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