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Minutes of Planning Commission, 02/11/2020

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 02/19/2020 12:19pm

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Redding Planning Commission
P.O. Box 1028
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028


Tuesday, February 11, 2020
7:30 p.m. – Old Town House

Present: Toby Welles, Chairman; Regina O’Brien, Secretary; Commissioner Dan Barrett; Chuck Cilo, Alternate, seated for Anda Cumings.

Absent: Commissioner Anda Cumings; Commissioner Steve Gagnon; James Bacon, Alt.

Also present: Aimee Pardee, Land Use Director; Julia Pemberton, First Selectwoman

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

I.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Meeting of 11/26/19; Meeting of 1/28/20

On the motion of D. Barrett and the second of C. Cilo, the Commission voted by majority to approve the 11/26/19 Minutes. R. O’Brien abstained from voting as she was not present at the meeting.

On the motion of D. Barrett and the second of R. O’Brien, the Commission voted by majority to approve the 1/28/20 Minutes as corrected: Page 1, under “Present”, change
“Dan Barrett, Alt.” to “Dan Barrett”. C. Cilo abstained from voting as he was not present at the meeting.


1.  Scenic Road Monitoring: Update regarding 216 Poverty Hollow Road
Aimee Pardee stated that the owner has been written to and was requested to attend a Planning meeting regarding the construction access to the property. Per Ms. Pardee, the owner is no longer planning on dredging the pond therefore the construction access is no longer needed.

Re: 230 Poverty Hollow Road, T. Welles reported on the observed dumped logs. He will draft a letter requesting removal of the logs during cold weather.

2.  Referral from Zoning: 280 Ethan Allen Highway, Arianit Krasniqi. Request for Site Plan approve to demo existing dwelling, construction of new commercial buildings, and expansion of parking area. See also referral from 2006.

Aimee Pardee displayed and reviewed the plans. Additional information is required for the 2/26/20 Zoning Public Hearing.
No initial issues were identified, however, the Commission will discuss further pending receipt of the report from Milone & MacBroom.

3. Referral from Zoning: 65 Diamond Hill Road, 65 Diamond Hill Road LLC (owner), Nazzaro, Inc. (Gene and Ross Nazzaro, agents). Request for Special Permit for earth moving in excess of 300 cubic yards of material.

Aimee Pardee displayed maps and reviewed the current activity and request for the Special Permit. She confirmed that a rock drill was used.

A Site Walk is scheduled for Sat., 2/15/20 at 10:00 a.m.

4. Town Plan of Development: discussion of recommended actions for the purpose of prioritizing implementation.

After reviewing the initiatives set forth in the Town Plan of Conservation & Development, the Commission reviewed possible actions that could be taken by the ad hoc group that has identified itself to the Commissioners. West Redding center was brought up as an option. Julia Pemberton noted an area for beautification and suggested looking at assets and areas of potential as well as enhancement of existing features.

D. Barrett suggested meeting the prospective members of the ad hoc group to determine which areas of expertise can be applied. Stan Rhodes stated that the group is comprised of long-time concerned Reddingites. He stated that the group represents a wide range of experience that are more receptive to listening rather than advising. T. Welles stated that expectations will be scaled accordingly.

The Commission agreed that affordable housing and preservation of the watershed are two areas of focus in the next 5 years to help bring Redding forward. J. Pemberton suggested looking at targeted areas in watershed areas.

T. Welles stated that the next steps are clarifying goals and modifying them to suit the interest and expertise of the ad hoc group. Mr. Rhodes identified Chris Tse as a contact for the group to organize a core group to attend the next Planning meeting.


1. Town Plan of Development: Public Hearing. Scheduled for March 24, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Hearing Room, 100 Hill Road, Redding, Connecticut.
2. Toby Welles is meeting with WestCOG next week re: mapping.


Re: 55 Cross Highway, J. Pemberton reviewed a request to chip away rock outcropping to improve sight lines. T. Welles stated that the request had been discussed and approved but requested an approvable plan. J. Pemberton will discuss with the Highway Department.

On the motion of C. Cilo, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by:
Kristi C. Reilly