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Minutes of Planning Commission, 02/25/2020

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 02/26/2020 2:50pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

February 25, 2020
Old Town House
23 Cross Highway – Redding, Connecticut
7:30 P.M.

Present: Regina O’Brien, Secretary seated as Chairman; Commissioner Dan Barrett; Commissioner Anda Cumings (arrived at 7:45); Commissioner Steve Gagnon; Alternate Jim Bacon.

Also Present: Aimee Pardee, Land Use Director.

Ms. O’Brien called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m., seating Mr. Bacon for Ms. Cumings.


There was a brief discussion of Robert’s Rules of Order regarding the approval of minutes with Mr. Barrett clarifying voter eligibility.

Meeting of 2/11/2020: On the motion of Mr. Barrett, and the second of Mr. Bacon, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the minutes as written.

Site Walk Minutes of 2/15/2020, 65 Diamond Hill Road: On the motion of Mr. Bacon, and the second of Mr. Barrett, the Commission voted unanimously to accept the minutes as written.


1. Scenic Road Monitoring: Update regarding 216 Poverty Hollow Road construction access.

Ms. Pardee noted that discussion of this issue with the Highway Department revealed that the town had paved the apron to this accessway when the portion of the frontage road was paved. She stated that Jeff Hanson, Town Highway Superintendent, was willing to remove the apron and seed the area but that the owner still needs to be encouraged to remove the gravel portion of the access.

2. Referral from Zoning: 280 Ethan Allen Highway, Arianit Krasniqi. Request for Site Plan approval to demo existing dwelling, construction of new commercial buildings, and expansion of parking area. See also referral from 2006.

Ms. Pardee stated that the Zoning Commission is still waiting for a review of this application by Milone and MacBroom and that review will be provided to the Planning Commission when it is received. Further discussion was table pending receipt of the report.

3. Referral from Zoning: 65 Diamond Hill Road, 65 Diamond Hill Road LLC (owner), Nazzaro, Inc. (Gene and Ross Nazzaro, agents). Request for Special Permit for earth moving in excess of 300 cubic yards of material. Discussion of Site Walk.

Ms. O’Brien briefly reviewed the results of the site walk of the property. Mr. Bacon asked for clarification as to the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission; Ms. Pardee stated that, as part of the Zoning Commission’s review of a Special Use Permit application, a referral is made to the Planning Commission. This referral is advisory. She stated that the Zoning Commission is opening a public hearing regarding the application on February 26th and that they will be provided with minutes of the Planning Commission site walk and any additional comments that Planning may have. Mr. Bacon noted that the work cannot been seen from the public roads and is contained on private property. The consensus of the commission was that Planning does not have comments beyond those made in the site walk minutes.

4. Town Plan of Development:
-Discussion of inclusion of protection of indigenous character of land.

Ms. Pardee stated that Mr. Welles had suggested this addition to the agenda in light of the site walk at 65 Diamond Hill Road. She said that he will be suggesting additions to the Town Plan of Development that could address this issue.

Mr. Gagnon asked if this issue could also be related to comments that had been made at a Board of Selectmen’s meeting regarding the selection of open space set asides related to subdivision approval.

Ms. O’Brien also discussed a recent issue regarding the breaking up of stone outcroppings along Goodridge and Foundry Roads by the Highway Department. The Highway Department had undertaken this work with the goal of providing safer plowing access but residents had found the work to have altered the aesthetic of the road; Ms. O’Brien also noted that removal of such natural features can also result in increased traffic speed. The Commission agreed that an addition to the Town Plan of Development to encourage a broader review of proposed modification of natural features along town roads would be desirable and decided to discuss this issue at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

-Discussion with Ad Hoc group re:
o Area of expertise
o Level of time commitment
o Areas of priority

The Ad Hoc group of residents was not in attendance and Ms. Pardee noted that Mr. Welles had not been able to schedule their attendance at this meeting. Ms. Pardee stated that she would work with Mr. Welles to have the group attend a future meeting. Mr. Gagnon asked for clarification as to if they would be working with the Planning Commission, or the Selectmen and this was discussed. The consensus was that it would depend upon what kind of issues that the group was interested in working on.


Town Plan of Development: Public Hearing. Scheduled for March 24, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Hearing Room, 100 Hill Road, Redding, Connecticut.

Ms. Pardee reminded the commission that the hearing regarding the Town Plan of Development would be held in the Town Hall, not the Town House.


Ms. O’Brien stated that she had nothing additional to report or discuss.

On the motion of Mr. Gagnon, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Aimee Pardee

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