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Minutes of Planning Commission, 05/12/2015

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 05/14/2015 1:49pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Present: Diane Taylor, Chairman; Anda Cumings; Nancy King; Toby Welles; Regina O’Brien, seated for J. Bacon.
Absent: James Bacon; Michael Nostin, Alt.

Also present:   Jo-an Brooks, Land Use Coordinator
Julia Pemberton, First Selectman
John Hayes, Town Planning Consultant

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

I.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES  –  Meeting  of  4/28/15
Site Walk Minutes of 5/2/15, 78 George Hull Hill Road

On the motion of N. King and the second of T. Welles, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the 4/28/15 Meeting Minutes as corrected:  Page 3, second paragraph, second line, change to “The need for dirt road maintenance guidelines was discussed.  T. Welles will write a letter to J. Pemberton and J. Hanson re: guidelines from Vermont and seek those from Bedford, NY.”

Subdivision Application #526, Willard and Catherine Rowley (owners) – “Old Stone Estates, LLC”, P.W. Scott Engineering & Architecture, PC (agent). 12 Marchant and 55 Chestnut Woods Roads.   Proposed subdivision of 65.60 acres into 12 lots.   (App. #525 withdrawn at Meeting of 2/24/15.)  Received 3/10/15.   Presentation 3/24/15, continued 4/14/15, 4/28/15.

P. Scott was present for the applicant in addition to Atty. Scalzo, Atty. Matthew Simon and Parker Coates. D. Taylor noted that the credentials of the consultants are in the file at the Land Use Office and should be considered part of the record.

J. Brooks noted receipt of a large number of reports. The reports are part of the record and will be reviewed in detail if/when needed. P. Scott stated that the last phase of archaeological testing has been completed and a report is pending.  Atty. Scalzo submitted information re: future resubdivision of Lot 12 and road name suggestion.

T. Welles stated that a waiver re: number of lots on a 750-foot road is not needed due to the most recent Subdivision Regulations. Sight line re: Lot 1 was discussed and a compliant configuration will be submitted. The need to determine if tree removal includes asset trees was reviewed.

J. Hayes read and submitted his report. Members of the public were present: Paige Davison noted her concern re: the number of lots and cost of education for additional students and trail demarcation. Wendy Nelson asked how long Phase 1 of construction will be and asked if the sheds are legal buildings. She was directed to Zoning for a response.  Wolfe Boehme noted his concern re: density and emergency vehicle access.  It was reported that approval has been received from the Fire Dept. and the water tank was shown on the map.  Melissa Webdale noted her concern re: view of houses from Simpaug Turnpike.  Pre-application clearing was discussed. C. D’Alessandro noted her concern re: view.

C. Couch stated that five additional archaeological test locations had been requested stated that only two were completed. D. Taylor stated that additional reports must be sent to the Land Use Office.

P. Scott provided a general review of the archaeological findings and noted the possibility of restrictions to mitigate those findings.

J. Brooks requested the applicant’s and Redding’s consultants to summarize their issues. An interim meeting between CityScape and Redding consultants to discuss will be scheduled at the Land Use Office. Atty. Simon’s office will schedule the interim meeting with J. Brooks.

The Public Hearing will continue on 5/26/15.


  1. Steve Younes (owner) App. #479, Lot #M3, Michael Fortuna (agent), 78 George Hull Hill Road.  Site Walk 5/2/15.  Request to enlarge Building Construction & Restriction Line.  To Vote.

T. Welles read the Site Walk Minutes. A letter will be sent requesting the following items be added to the map: 1) reserve septic; 2) Building & Construction Restriction Line; 3) trench; 4) tennis court.

  1.  163 Umpawaug Road, Ed Kilian. Final review of stone wall.  To Vote.

The Commission agreed that the obtuse angle on the hill needs to be reconstructed to form a smooth transition.  Mr. Kilian will be contacted by the Land Use Office.

  1.  Topstone Road Complaint needs resolution from Redding Planning Commission.   Discussion.

The current terrible condition of Topstone Road was discussed. It was agreed that advice from a knowledgeable road engineer is needed.  J. Pemberton will contact J. Hanson regarding this issue.

  1.  Pine Tree Road Complaint.  Patrick Merrill requests action.

Patrick Merrill was present.  T. Welles reviewed his contact with companies providing GPS services and noted that only open and closed roads are listed on GPS systems.  Temporary and permanent options were reviewed and J. Pemberton will discuss skim coating the road as a temporary fix to the current condition of the road.


  1.  Jose Goncalves, App’l #506, Lot #2, 220 Umpawaug Road.  Request to enlarge Building Construction & Restriction Line a short distance.  Need map showing new line.
  2.  Reference App. #505, Lot 3,  16 Costa Lane.  Petra Koegel, owner, ZBA approved location of dog kennel and shed outside the Zoning setbacks,.  Location approved by Planning.  To submit a map showing the adjusted Building Construction Restriction Line.  6/05/15 – Petra to contact engineer.
  3.  Town Plan of Conservation & Development.  Discuss recommendations.
  4.  Sight Line Regulations.  Discussion with Zoning, Police Chief, Highway Superintendent.


  1. Forest & Park 120TH Annual Meeting, Wesleyan University 5/17/15Anyone interested in attending should contact J. Brooks at the Land Use Office.


  1. 100 Umpawaug Road.
    No new information. Mirrors have not been installed.
  2. Poverty Hollow signs-Stepney Road Bridge.
    The one-lane bridge sign was replaced by a narrow bridge sign at the Meeker Hill bridge. Julia Pemberton will contact Jeff Hanson. Aimee Pardee is looking into alternative building materials for riprap. J. Pemberton attended the Conservation Commission Site Walk.
  3. 56 Marchant Road.
    T. Welles read a draft letter citing earlier Minutes that was discussed and will be forwarded to Ms. Vanoni/Mr. Heyman.
  4. Residents of 206 and 216 Umpawaug Road were present to review the possibility of jointly purchasing shared abutting property and proper way to ensure its preservation as open land and proper way to ensure its preservation as open land.

On the motion of A. Cumings, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Kristi C. Reilly