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Minutes of Planning Commission, 08/11/2015

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 08/13/2015 12:48pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Diane Taylor, Chairman; Anda Cumings; Nancy King; Toby Welles; Michael Nostin, Alt., seated for J. Bacon.

Absent: James Bacon; Regina O’Brien, Alt.

Also present:  Jo-an Brooks, Land Use Coordinator and Julia Pemberton, First Selectman

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

On the motion of T. Welles and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to add Administrative Item 3B., App. #506, 220 Umpawaug Road, to the Administrative Agenda.

I.          APPROVAL OF MINUTES -Meeting of 7/28/15

On the motion of N. King and the second of T. Welles, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the 7/28/15 Meeting Minutes as amended:  Page 2, fourth item, first sentence, change “Reference App. #505” to “Reference App. #503”.


1.  Reference App. #492, 4 Long Wall Road. Continued. Request by Steven Santa to nullify Settlement Agreement creating affordable housing unit. Possible further discussion. Discussion tabled pending receipt of new application.

2.  Reference App. #503, Lot #1, 36 Putnam Park Road. Continued. Request re underground electric requirement. Discussion.

Atty. George Cohen was present for the applicant. T. Welles reviewed his communications with Eversource and Frontier. Eversource refuses to relocate pole off of Lot 1 as requested.

On the motion of T. Welles and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously that the Redding Planning Commission direct the Land Use Coordinator to sign the necessary Building Permits without the normally required undergrounding of utilities on Lot 1.  This directive is founded upon three factors: 1) Evidence that a past dwelling existed on the lot which presumably had above-ground utility service; 2) The unwillingness of Eversource to move the existing pole off of Lot 1 and re-route the existing above-ground utilities currently serving Lot 2, and 3) The absence of positive aesthetic change to the subdivision derived by the undergrounding of utilities to Lot 1 because the aboveground utilities to Lot 2 would remain in full visibility at that location.

3.  Request from Michael Handy, agent, 59 Black Rock Tpke., to subdivide property per 1989 ZBA variance. Pre-application Review per CT General Statute 7-159b. Continued.

M. Handy was present.  T. Welles reviewed his discussions with Commission Counsel Peter Olson re previously granted ZBA variance and it was determined that the applicant can proceed with submission of an application with the acreage approved by the original ZBA variance.

3B. Jose Goncalves, App. #506, Lot #2, 220 Umpawaug Road. Site Walk 7/11/15. Request to enlarge Building Construction & Restriction Line a short distance. To submit plan adhering to original concept.

Mr. Goncalves was present along with Janice Parker, Brooke Clark and Mike Mazzucco.

New site development plans were submitted and reviewed by B. Clark.  Specifics of each area were reviewed in detail.  The applicant was commended on the clarity and presentation of the new plans.

On the motion of T. Welles and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the modification to the Building Construction & Restriction Line as shown on plans dated 8/11/15.

4.  56 Marchant Road. Vanoni/Heyman. Request to discuss drainage onto a Scenic Road. Letter to First Selectmen. Continued.

Discussion tabled pending receipt of a report from A. Pardee.

5.  Scenic Roads (6/23/15 and 7/14/15 issues)
a.  Cross Highway-Poverty Hollow Road. Letter sent to Selectmen and Highway Superintendent re road trimming. Report from T. Welles. J. Pemberton has spoken to J. Hanson and progress on Old Hattertown has been made up to the Newtown line.  Further discussion needed re existing agreement to cross over Newtown border.

b.  Cross Highway-Paving (Reconstruction) amendments: Letter sent to Selectmen and Highway Superintendent. Walk with First Selectman to be scheduled. Report A. Cumings. A walk is scheduled on 8/20/15 with J. Pemberton, A. Cumings and R. O’Brien.

c.  Topstone Road-J. Hanson’s meeting re dirt roads cancelled due to storm/tornado. New information pending. Report T. Welles. J. Pemberton reported that J. Hanson is obtaining consultation with a dirt road expert.

6.  Long Meadow and Meadow’s Edge. Request from Wayne Jones re plowing. Letter sent to Selectmen requesting meeting with Planning and Highway Department re cul de sac design and maintenance. Report Toby Welles. Per J. Pemberton, plowing routes will be reviewed to determine if a smaller plow can be used at this location.


1.  Reference App. #505, Lot 3, 16 Costa Lane. Petra Koegel, owner, ZBA approved location of dog kennel and shed outside the Zoning setbacks. Location approved by Planning. To submit a map showing the adjusted Building Construction Restriction Line. 6/5/15-Petra to contact engineer.
2.  Town Plan of Conservation & Development. Discuss recommendations.
3.  Sight Line Regulations. Discussion with Zoning, Police Chief, Highway Superintendent.
4.  Subdivision Application #526, Willard and Catherine Rowley (owners)-“Old Stone Estates, LLC”, P.W. Scott Engineering 7 Architecture, PC (agent). 12 Marchant and 55 Chestnut Woods Roads. Proposed subdivision of 65.60 acres into 12 lots. (App. #525 withdrawn at Meeting of 2/24/15). Received 3/10/15. Presentation 3/24/15, continued 4/14/15, 4/28/15. Public Hearing Opened 5/12/15, continued 5/26/15, 6/9/15, closed 6/23/15. Deliberation 7/14/15. Deadline to Vote, Meeting of 8/25/15.

Re: submission of a more clearly defined plan, T. Welles reported on his discussion with John Hayes. Further discussion with Commission Counsel needed.

5.  Goodsell Hill Road –Discussion reconfiguring Beeholm Road at the Route 107 intersection vs. one-way road. Letter sent to Selectmen.


D. Taylor noted receipt of a letter from E. Killian that was read and discussed. His suggested solution was approved.

On the motion of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by:
Kristi C. Reilly