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Minutes of Planning Commission – Site Walk, 08/20/2015

AGENDA: Planning Commission – Site Walk

RECEIVED 08/24/2015 12:15pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Commissioner Anda Cumings, Alternate Regina O’Brien, First Selectman Julia Pemberton

The Site Walk commenced at 7:00 PM from the Congregational Church parking lot.

The purpose of the walk was to go over key areas of Cross Highway that had been repaved in the summer of 2014 in a manner perceived by the Commission as not in keeping with the Scenic Road Ordinance. The first area scrutinized was in front of the Land Use Office, where road paving material had been spread all the way up to the office walkway.   The walk continued along Cross Highway to an area east of the Congregational Church, where a drainage issue causing damage to the road was inspected. (The repaving was not at fault for this problem.) An area across the street from the Church where repaving included an informal pull-over spot and reached around the mail boxes was discussed at length, as it was the largest example of where the road was widened to include a non-roadway area that had been specified NOT to be paved by the Commission in its original recommendations for the project. The possibility of saw-cutting the excess paving and rehabilitating this specific area was brought up. A general discussion of road maintenance took place. The First Selectman pointed out that the repaving that had been done was not a reconstruction of the road, but only an interim maintenance measure.

No motions were made or votes taken at this meeting.

The walk concluded at about 8:00PM.

Submitted by:

Commissioner Anda E. Cumings