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Minutes of Planning Commission, 04/28/2015

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 04/30/2015 2:47pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Toby Welles, seated as Chairman; James Bacon; Anda Cumings; Nancy King; Michael Nostin, Alt., seated for D. Taylor; Regina O’Brien, Alt.

Also present: Jo-an Brooks, Land Use Coordinator

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

I APPROVAL OF MINUTES -Meeting of 4/14/15

On the motion of M. Nostin and the second of J. Bacon, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the 4/14/15 Meeting Minutes as amended: Page 1, first sentence under “II. CONTINUED”, change “626” to “526”.


Subdivision Application #526, Willard and Catherine Rowley (owners) “Old Stone Estates, LLD”, P.W. Scott Engineering & Architecture, PC (agent), 12 Marchant and 55 Chestnut Woods Roads. Proposed subdivision of 65.60 acres into 12 lots. (App. #525 withdrawn at Meeting of 2/24/15). Received 3/10/15. Presentation 3/24/15, continued 4/14/15. Public Hearing scheduled for 5/12/15.

T. Welles noted receipt of a letter from J. Hayes and requested a map showing a conforming driveway configuration in order for a waiver to be considered.


1a. Steve Younes (owner), App. #479, Lot M3, Michael Fortuna (agent), 78 George Hull Hill Road. Request to enlarge Building Construction & Restriction Line.

M. Fortuna was present for the applicant. A map was displayed and the proposal reviewed. A Site Walk is scheduled for Sat., 5/2/15 at 10:00 a.m. Mr. Fortuna was requested to stake the four corners of the proposed tennis court boundaries as well as proposed elevations.

On the motion of J. Bacon and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to add Item 1b. Discussion of Stepney Road Bridge Design to the Agenda.

1b. Discussion of Stepney Road Bridge Design.

T. Welles noted that a positive letter was sent by the Planning Commission in November, 2014. Aesthetic concerns have been reported by residents re: loss of trees, Riprap, guiderails and wing walls. Several residents were present. Jean Curtis encouraged the Commission to consider the Scenic Road Ordinance re: protection of vista from Poverty Hollow Road. T. Welles reported that Eric Lazo-Wasem objects to the new easement for the culvert on his property.

T. Welles confirmed that the guiderails will be timber. Alternatives to concrete were discussed including cement tint and boulders. Additional views and plans showing the overall project view and elevations will be requested in addition to tree preservation and reviewing possible alternatives including the use of boulders or stacked rock in lieu of concrete and/or concrete tint in the cement mix.

2. Referral from Danbury, 193-195 Long Ridge Road. Discussion of an application to replace the current non-conforming use of a church with the conforming use of a church. Revised application. Approve attached draft letter.

An amended letter with a negative response was reviewed. Prescott Kelly confirmed the current use is non-conforming and the proposed plan is to make a conforming business.

On the motion of N. King and the second of A. Cumings, the Commission voted unanimously to forward the reviewed letter to ZBA.

3. Referral from Zoning. Region 9 Board of Education, Joel Barlow High School, 100 Black Rock Tpke. Request for a Site Plan amendment for construction of a 24’x30’ Storage Building.

The proposal was reviewed and the Zoning public hearing is on 5/13/15. After review, the Commission will send a positive response to Zoning with the recommendation of minimal lighting in keeping with the Dark Sky Initiative.

4. Scenic Road Monitoring per Volunteer List:

  • 163 Umpawaug Road, Ed Kilian, ready for review of stone wall

Commissioners will drive by and review observations at the next meeting. The Commission would prefer that the string line level top of the wall conform to the contours of the land as described in the Stonewall Guidelines.

  • Topstone needs resolution from Redding Planning Commission re: guidelines from Vermont and seek guidelines from Bedford, NY

T. Welles reviewed his discussion with Jeff Hanson, Highway Superintendent. The need for gravel road maintenance guidelines was discussed. T. Welles will write a letter to J. Pemberton and J. Hanson.

  • 15 additional roads.

T. Welles received a letter re: Goodsell Hill Road re: safety.

5. State Legislation: Possible discussion.

J. Bacon and N. King will review issues with J. Brooks.


1. Jose Goncalves, App. #506, Lot #2, 220 Umpawaug Road. Request to enlarge Building Construction & Restriction Line a short distance. Need map showing new line.

2. Ref. App. #505, Lot 3, 16 Costa Lane. Petra Koegel, owner, ZBA approved location of dog kennel and shed outside the Zoning setbacks. Location approved by Planning. To submit a map showing the adjusted Building Construction Restriction Line. 6/5/15-Petra to contact engineer.

3. Town Plan of Conservation & Development. Discuss recommendations.

4. Sight Line Regulations: Discussion with Zoning, Police Chief, Highway Superintendent.

5. Section 4.5. Final to consultants for review.


A letter was reviewed from the State of Connecticut noting approval of IHZ. T. Welles will follow up with J. Pemberton re: subcommittee to oversee implementation.

On the motion of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

Submitted by:

Kristi C. Reilly

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