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Minutes of Planning Commission Site Walk, 01/22/2017

AGENDA: Planning Commission Site Walk

RECEIVED 01/25/2017 9:59am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Planning Commission
Site Walk Minutes – 1/22/17 10:00AM
Proposed Dog Recreation Park

Attending for Redding Planning Commission:
Toby Welles, Nancy King, Anda Cumings and Laura Hoeing

Also Attending: David Daignault – Applicant, Kevin Jones Representing Park and Rec.
Abutting Neighbors, Laura Cunningham and Ellen Williams

The site walk began promptly at 10 AM. We initially examined the proposed site adjacent to the gardens, behind the Historical Society barn. Proximity to abutting properties and homes was noted. Alternative configurations were discussed for that site. Discussion took place regarding the need for such a park, and it was put forward by several attendees that valuable socializing benefits would result for both dog owners and dogs.

The group then walked the grounds of the Community Center property to look for alternative locations on site given the benefits the site offers, Town ownership, ample parking convenient central location.

After reviewing several areas to the north, behind and to the south of the Community Center building, these areas were found to have shortcomings, plant species indicative of wetland soils, proximity to neighbors, steep slopes, and need for extensive clearing.

Finally, we came upon a location that seems to be a very good choice for the dog park: the wide, sloping lawn directly across the parking lot from the front doors of the Community Center. This area could be readily fenced in and have some shrubbery to mitigate any aesthetic concerns. It was agreed that this area bears further study to determine whether there are any adverse impacts insofar as health or safety issues are concerned. Factors such as the appropriate area, layout, fence eight and materials, maintenance access and assurance of long-term clean-up responsibility need to be solidified.

The meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM

Submitted by:
Toby Welles, Acting Chair-Redding Planning Commission

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