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Minutes of Planning Commission, 01/09/2018

AGENDA: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 01/11/2018 4:35pm
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Redding Planning Commission
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

7:30 p.m. – Old Town House

Present: Toby Welles, Chairman; James Bacon, Alt., seated for Laura Hoeing; Anda Cuming; Nancy King; Regina O’Brien, Alt., seated for Steve Gagnon.
Absent: Steve Gagnon; Claire Matzke, Alt.
Also present:   Jo-an Brooks, Land Use Coordinator

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

I.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES           -Meeting of 12/19/17
On the motion of J. Bacon and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the 12/19/17 Meeting Minutes.

Resubdivision App. #527, 42 Wayside Lane, Paula S. Cartoun, Trust. Proposed resubdivision of 9.31 acres into 2 lots. Presentation 11/28/17.
Michael Mazzucco was present in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Cartoun and Stuart Reeve, Archaeological Consultant. T. Welles noted receipt of reports from John Hayes, Stuart Reeve and Ernest Weigand.

Mr. Welles read John Hayes’ memorandum into the record.  Three areas of concern were noted: mapping re: SR 5.5.4; sight lines at the driveway entrance; and the need for an additional layby for vehicles to back up on the driveway for extended distance

Mr. Mazzucco displayed and reviewed existing conditions and subdivision maps.  He noted that there isn’t a standard by which to limit reverse driving on a driveway. The applicant’s archaeological consultant, E. Weigand, will be asked to submit the required cultural resource data for the map.

Toby Welles stated that possible archaeologically sensitive areas on Lot 1 need to be addressed.  Lis Castagna of Wayside Lane noted challenges of the road and questioned the elevation of the proposed house on Lot 2.  Mrs. Cartoun responded that it will be a small house. Ms. Castagna also questioned if there were plans for the large rock at the driveway entrance.

Mr. Mazzucco reiterated the safety issue regarding the large rock and noted that “nothing should supersede the health, safety and welfare of residents.” Steven Park, 34 Wayside Lane, asked about removal of asset trees.  It was confirmed that designated trees are shown as protected trees within the proposed area.

Stuart Reeve noted the possibility of prehistoric areas on Lot 2 and a possible historic outbuilding on Lot 1. T. Welles noted that since there is already an existing house on Lot 1, Counsel will be consulted to determine action.  S. Reeves confirmed that digging archaeological test holes on one transect consists of six holes.

Mr. Cartoun confirmed the intention to live on the property where his family has lived for 40 years and in proximity to their child and grandchildren.  T. Welles stressed being in compliance with the Regulations and suggested a demarcated area of concern that will require future archaeological investigation if further construction is planned.  Nancy King stated that it’s also important to have a documented record of archaeologically sensitive areas in the State.  S. Reeves confirmed there is a State-wide database.

Liz Castagna questioned if the road will be widened.  T. Welles stated that widened roads increase speeding and that there is an effort to avoid widening roads unless there is a health and safety reason.

A report from Milone & MacBroom was read into the record.

On the motion of T. Welles and the second of N. King, the Commission voted unanimously to continue the Public Hearing to the meeting of 1/23/18.

1.   Town Plan of Conservation & Development 2008
2008 Plan Recommendations to be submitted to the office by email with the following advice (a) to be pursued currently, (b) to be continued to the 2018 Plan or (c) to be discontinued. All chapters to be emailed to:
No new discussion pending receipt of new information or completed chapters.

2.   Scenic Road Monitoring. Reports by Commission monitors.  No new reports.  R. O’Brien questioned the use of calcium chloride for road treatment and the impact on the paws of animals.  T. Welles stated that it has been tested as a safer substance re: plants and trees.

3.   Subdivision Regulation Revisions: S.R. 4.5. Discussion. A report from J. Hayes is pending.

4.   Draft Driveway Easement & Maintenance Agreement. Received 7/11/17. Updated version reviewed by Counsel. Discussion of Commission’s review.
Toby Welles will review the final comments from Commission Counsel for discussion at the next meeting.

5.   IHZ Status. Discussion for action.
T. Welles has contacted a possible Chair for the IHZ Committee.  He will pass the name on to J. Pemberton.
Toby Welles will be meeting with J. Pemberton and Bob Duff re: affordable housing.

1.   Changes to IHZ overlay zone on Old Mill Road.
2.   Cul-de-sac Design and Sight Lines, Subdivision Regulations, Section 4.3 and Road Regulations. Meeting of Planning and Zoning designees with Highway Superintendent needed per Meadow Edge problem 3/22/16. Discussion re new dimensions.

A letter will be sent to the Selectmen re: replacing Laura Hoeing with Regina O’Brien as a full member.

On the motion of S. Gagnon, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.

Submitted by: Kristi C. Reilly