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Minutes of Planning Commission Site Walk, 03/27/2021

AGENDA: Planning Commission Site Walk

RECEIVED 03/30/2021 3:23pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Redding Planning Commission  
Redding Center, Connecticut   06875-1028
Site Walk Minutes March 27, 2021, 9:00AM

Re: 224 Umpawaug Road – Stone wall sample review

Attending: For the Redding Planning Commission: Toby Welles, Regina O’Brien, Daniel Barrett, Steve Gagnon, Anda Cumings, Chuck Cilo; For the owner: their agent Ross Nazzaro.

Purpose: Viewing the sample section of stone wall constructed for our approval

We arrived on site and met briefly with Mr. Nazzaro. A sample of the stone wall was viewed having an unobtrusive deer fence behind it, consisting of natural 4”x4” cedar posts having horizontal black vinyl coated wire at two heights above the wall.

The wall sample itself complies with the Scenic Road Stone Wall Guidelines, having an adequate batter, natural uneven rock heights atop the wall and a dry stacked appearance, although Mr. Nazzaro stated that mortar will be used invisibly to stabilize the wall’s core.

We communicated the need to have the wall follow at a roughly uniform 3’ height above grade as opposed to the typical practice of following a string line, which would result in a non-historical appearance, to which Mr. Nazzaro agreed.

There being a quorum of Redding Planning Commission members in attendance and it being a publicly noticed meeting, we unanimously passed a motion brought by Toby Welles and seconded by Steve Gagnon as follows:
We hereby approve the construction of a stone wall along the front of the lot at 224 Umpawaug Road to be built in the manner and appearance of the sample wall, and to be built at a generally uniform 3’ height above grade while following any undulations of grade that may currently exist.

Submitted by:
Toby Welles, Chairman – Redding Planning Commission

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