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Minutes of Planning Commission Site Walk, 11/13/2021

AGENDA: Planning Commission Site Walk

RECEIVED 11/23/2021 12:23pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

November 23, 2021

Site Walk Minutes November 13, 2021, 9:00AM

Re: Application #504, 38 Mountain Road.

Attending: for the Redding Planning Commission: Toby Welles, Daniel Barrett, Chuck Cilo and the applicant Christopher Curnan. Neighbors attending included John MacLeran and Matthew and Alex Seidel and John and Catherine Kearns.

Purpose: Viewing the proposed Building Construction Restriction Line revisions

We arrived on site and viewed staked areas where Mr. Curnan seeks to expand the buildable area. The site lies atop a ridge with many boulders and areas of ledge outcrops. The existing approved building construction restriction line, (BCRL) was delineated to preclude building on steep slopes under the restrictions of the Subdivision regulations (SR).

The first expansion area desired is on the western slope of the parcel and is triangular in shape. It is believed to contain slopes greater than 20%. The applicant stated that this area abuts the future house footprint, and he desires to place boulders to create a retaining wall at the height above grade of existing boulders in that area of the site. Those boulders currently stand at a three to four foot elevation above grade. He then intends to fill upslope of those boulders to create a sloping lawn on that side of the house. He stated that the lawn would be graded such that the height of fill would not go above the boulder retaining wall. We stated that if this modification to the BCRL is approved, such boulders would have to be placed such that there was absolutely no risk of them becoming dislodged and endangering properties downhill from the site.

The second area for proposed expansion lies to the east side of the ridgetop and is believed to contain slopes greater than 20% grade. The applicant stated that he wishes to build into this slope with a so-called walk-out basement as the solution to the steep slope condition. This change to the BCRL would definitely be counter to the subdivision regulation restriction on steep slope building, although different parts of the area staked out for this site walk had differing gradients.

It was agreed that the applicant would have a licensed surveyor produce a more detailed contour map so that we can judge which portions of the staked areas are 20% or greater slopes. We also stated that the Redding Planning Commission must review the exact language of the S.R.s to accurately apply any regulatory limitations to the proposed modified BCRL. We stated that only by comparing the specific regulatory language with the actual detailed contours can we make a finding of the proposal’s compliance with the S.R.s.

Respectfully Submitted,

Toby Welles, Chairman – Redding Planning Commission