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Minutes of Planning Commission Site Walk-224 Umpawaug Road, 02/27/2022

AGENDA: Planning Commission Site Walk-224 Umpawaug Road

RECEIVED 03/03/2022 9:23am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Redding Planning Commission
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028

Site Walk Minutes February 27, 2022, 9:00AM

Re: 224 Umpawaug Rd. (on a Scenic Road)

Attending: for the Redding Planning Commission: Toby Welles, Daniel Barrett, Regina O’Brien, Roger Van Ausdal, Steven Gagnon, Chuck Cilo and a representative of the applicant, Conor Daley.

Purpose: Compliance with Approved Gate Fencing/Stone Pillars and Driveway Apron

We arrived on site and viewed the recently constructed pillars on either side of the main driveway as well as the recently installed reclaimed curbing driveway apron. The purpose was to examine this recent construction in lieu of its divergence from site plans previously approved by Planning. This site walk follows a discussion of these issues at the February 22, 2022, Planning Commission meeting. The concerns were that 1) the pillars exceed the 6-foot height restriction established in the Zoning regulations and height previously approved by the Planning Commission and 2) that the apron does not consist of cobblestones as was indicated in the application.

Pillars. Conor Daley demonstrated approximately where the 6-ft mark would have been and admitted that he submitted incorrect drawings that showed 6-ft pillars. The applicant’s representative also noted that the top of the gates would be cut in order to lower their height. It was observed that the top rail of the gates currently exceeds 6’ ht.

Apron. The applicant’s representative stated that the footprint of the apron does not diverge from what was approved; only the material from which it was constructed was changed.

The Commission noted that it would not formally vote on these two issues until its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Conor Daley informally raised additional site changes that would be formally brought to the Planning Commission at a later time: 1) the installation of a gate entry pad alongside the driveway between the gate and the road, 2) modifications and improvements to the two nearby historic barns, and 3) a proposed change in the lighting from what was included on the approved plans.

Submitted by:

Daniel Barrett, Chairman – Redding Planning Commission

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