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Minutes of Planning Commission – Site Walk,

AGENDA: Planning Commission – Site Walk

RECEIVED 03/04/2014 9:44am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Site Walk Minutes – 9:30 AM, March 2, 2014 at 27 Turney Road

Re:  Sanford Turney Road Subdivision – Application #524

Attending for the Planning Commission:

Jerry Sarnelli, Nancy King, Anda Cumings, Regina O’Brien

Other Attendees:

Henry Sanford, Aileen Mozdzer, Robert Mozdzer, Gene Connolly


Overcast, temperature in the 20’s, deep snow cover over entire property

We walked the approximate extent of Lot 2, and viewed Lot 1 from the middle of the slope/east perimeter of Lot 2.  Stakes were not in place at the corners of Lot 2.  We saw flags on Lot 2 indicating locations where archeological tests were performed.  Wetland flags at the southwest corner of Lot 1 were visible.

At the proposed entry to the property, we noticed a significant drop in grade from the inside of the stone wall to the road.  Although site lines at this point are currently very good, we discussed the need to consider how clear site lines can be maintained once the entry is regraded to allow for the driveway.

Several trees that appear to be in the Town right-of-way will have to be removed to accommodate the driveway.  However, none of the trees in the location we reviewed appear significant because of either size or species.

We noticed a possible intermittent drainage course at the base of the eastern slope of Lot 2, which appears to run from the north in a southwesterly direction.  Henry Sanford and Robert Mozdzer stated this area was reviewed by the soil scientist.

Submitted 3-3-14 by Regina O’Brien, Redding Planning Commission