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Minutes of Planning Commission – Site Walk, 05/02/2015

AGENDA: Planning Commission – Site Walk

RECEIVED 05/04/2015 12:18pm

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Redding Planning Commission Site Walk Minutes
May 2, 2015 – 10 AM
78 George Hull Hill Road
Application #479 – Lot M3
Steven Younes, Applicant

For the Redding Planning Commission: Toby Welles, Regina O’Brien and Anda Cumings
Mr. Michael Fortuna, Agent for the applicant

We arrived on site at 10 AM and found Mr. Fortuna present, and the area of the proposed tennis court marked by flags. The site is a sloping lawn area. Upslope from the western corner of the proposed location is a swimming pool, and downslope to the north of the location is a mortared stone wall approximately 4 feet high with on break in it. To the southeast of the location is the septic field. We have no knowledge of the location for the reserve septic location, but this should be located prior to approval to be sure that the tennis court will not intrude in this area.

Mr. Fortuna confirmed that the tennis court will be leveled by a cut and fill method in the sloping lawn. At the western end there is a fair amount of slope and depth of cut and fill will be six feet or so each by visual estimate. At the eastern end of the area the lesser slope will mean about half that depth of cut and fill.

We asked about stormwater sheet flow off of the new impervious surface of the proposed court, and were told that a gravel-filled trench would be installed along the downhill side to catch and infiltrate stormwater runoff. Details of the proper dimensions and construction of this drainage trench should perhaps be sought from our engineering consultant.

Since the court’s proposed location falls partially within the 100’ wetlands setback we instructed the applicant’s agent to get approval from the Redding Conservation Commission as well.

The Site Walk ended at 10:40 AM.

Toby Welles, Secy. Redding Planning Commission