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Minutes of Planning Commission – Site Walk, 12/13/2015

AGENDA: Planning Commission – Site Walk

RECEIVED 12/14/2015 11:48am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Re: 286 Umpawaug Road – Request to alter right-of-way and stone wall on Designated Scenic Road

Site Walk at 9:30 AM on Sunday12/13/15

Attending for the Redding Planning Commission: Toby Welles, Regina O’Brien Heald, Anda Cumings, Mike Nostin, and Laura Hoeing.

Attending for the applicant Michael Mazzucco, PE.

After reviewing the topography on site and the problematic sight line to the north, we concurred with the applicant’s engineer that in order to achieve a workable sightline to the north, the re-grading of a portion of the frontage and restoration of the stone wall on the new lowered grade is the best solution. We communicated our recommendations as follows to Mr. Mazzucco:

The rebuilding of the wall shall be in a style identical to the portion of the existing wall as seen currently at its northern end, where it descends toward the watercourse. Prior to a full re-build, a 10 ft. section shall be constructed first for commission approval prior to completion of the remainder. A copy of the Stone Wall Guidelines document will be furnished to Mr. Mazzucco for transmittal to the contractor, and its directives shall govern. Following the re-grading and wall restoration, the frontage shall then be seeded and returned to a historical appearance, without mulching or other non-historical appearance features.

Members of the Redding Planning Commission present unanimously agreed on this course of action, to be formally approved at the next Planning Commission meeting on January12th, but it was agreed that the applicant could move ahead with the above alterations in advance of that date due to the interrupted meeting schedule for the holidays, and the impeding winter weather conditions.


Toby Welles secy., Redding Planning Commission

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