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Minutes of Redding Board of Education, 01/04/2022

AGENDA: Board Of Education

RECEIVED 01/12/2022 3:14pm

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January 4, 2022 – 7:00 p.m.
John Read Middle School Community Room
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Board members: Parkin, Hoffman, Oulton, Gibbons (remote), Sadana
Administration: McKinnon, Pierson Ugol, Weirsman, Ward, Petruzzelli

C. Parkin called the Redding Board of Education meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion: Approval of Minutes from the 12/20/2021 Special Redding Board of Education Meeting. (Parkin) Approved. Unanimous.


M. Hoffman asked for a COVID update from the superintendent. He specifically asked about staffing issues.

L. Gibbons asked if community members were allowed to submit questions for Board of Education meetings. Members of the public have reached out to her explaining they are hesitant to come to in-person meetings but want to be able to ask questions.


Dr. McKinnon reported on the transportation issue that is happening due to the increase in COVID cases. There are staffing issues with bus drivers and transportation on a daily basis. It is a day to day struggle and is discussed daily with the bus company. Buses have had to double up, but still maintain distance between students. The district is working well together to solve the issues that are arising. The district has been reviewing the new COVID guidelines for the schools. An email will be going out to parents tonight. The guidance has reduced the need for contact tracing in school, reduced the quarantine time, but the variable is unvaccinated vs vaccinated. The district has received 550 testing kits to utilize in the schools. A home test now counts as a negative test to return to school with. Schools will not be testing students without consent. Parents will be given the test to administer and report results.

S. Weirsman-Reported on the substitute teacher situation. This continues to be an ongoing focus, especially as the COVID rate increases and causes more absences. Members of the community are encouraged to apply to substitute and work as much or as few days as they want. She also thanked parents for supporting the new efforts and mitigation strategies happening at RES. On January 19, 2021 a “One Book, One Home” program will be taking place. Students will be able to take the book home or access the book online. Conversations about the book will be taking place in classrooms and in larger group settings. After-school programs are being brought back to RES safely and are being met with excitement. This includes a math enrichment program. Orchestra programs in 3rd and 4th grade are beginning to form. 54 third graders and 52 fourth grade students are currently enrolled. Snack at RES is happening in the classrooms with a shift in classroom configurations. Every classroom has been visited to ensure all social distancing measures are taking place.

Dr. Pierson Ugol-Introduced a new program that will be available for 5th graders. M. Ward reviewed a new pilot Math talented and gifted program. Teachers and administrators have been looking at data, assessments, and test scores of students. This program will be offered in the 5th grade, with faster paced lessons, challenging higher order thinking questions, but being streamlined with the regular math curriculum. This program will also allow for targeted and differentiated instruction.

M. Ward-JRMS hosted Spirit Week the week before Christmas break. The student council hosted Jeopardy during lunch periods. They also provided a staff pancake breakfast to continue the school spirit. M. Ward explained how the students have adopted to the new COVID guidelines. The administration has worked to have conversations in school and encourage the same discussions at home. JRMS has had to make a few changes to adhere to guidelines with the new COVID spike. The changes were met with disappointment; however, the students understood the reasoning behind it. Students are continuously reminded and recognized for proper mask usage.

J. Del Conte-Reviewed Special Education enrollment in services and concerns now that COVID is coming back. A focus has been on supporting special education students social and emotional needs. This has been done with extra support staff including school psychologists, social workers, and special education teachers. J. Del Conte stressed the importance of supporting SPED and general education students dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

S. Petruzzelli-Presented budget object summary report (slides).

Motion: to add agenda item 6A, Redding Board of Education regular meeting calendar of 2022, time changes (Hoffman, Sadana). Unanimous

Motion: Change the start time of the Redding Board of Education 2022 Meeting schedule, Tri Board Meetings on January 6, February 22, May 24, October 25 from 7pm to 7:30pm. (Hoffman, Sadana) unanimous.

Dr. McKinnon reviewed the Student Enrollment Report of current year and projections. Enrollment projections are critical for budgeting purposes. Dr. McKinnon explained that Redding enrollment has tracked similar to the State’s enrollment. Redding has declined more than the State during the past 20 years (31.5% v 10.4%). A rebound in enrollment begun in 2021. Next year’s enrollment projects an increase of 40 plus students. Prowda predicts 10-year projected growth of N=240 students. This is an increase of 39%. The 2022 projection is 866 students, 2021 has 827 students. Redding needs to plan accordingly for this increase. Lengthy discussion followed.


Motion: C. Parkin moved that the Redding Board of Education Regular meeting to be adjourned. (Hoffman, Sadana). Unanimous.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Submitted by Stephanie Oulton
Secretary, Redding Board of Education

Recorded by Kim Keil

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