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Minutes of Redding Board of Education Budget Workshop, 02/07/2019

AGENDA: Redding Board of Education Budget Workshop

RECEIVED 02/19/2019 8:30am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Regular Meeting Budget Workshop Minutes
February 7, 2019

Board of Education:  Irwin, Hoffman, Parkin, Pilato, Reilly, Whaley, (Hoffman 7:32 pm)
Administration:  McMorran, Reiss, Hammond, Martin, Kirby, Twiss
Members of the Public: 7

Dr. Irwin called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Linda Meyer, Huckleberry Rd., explained her support of Project Adventure and asked the Board not to cut into the bone. Real Estate values will decline and the students will hate it.

C. Pilato noted that there is a lot of confusion about cuts and what is or is not in the budget. She noted this at both RES and JRMS PTA meetings this month.
L. Hoeing suggested the Board appeal to CABE for help with legislative priorities.
J. Reilly expressed concern about the significant increase in special Ed prevalence this year over last year and the future budget constraints it represents.

Motion to add discussion of social media to be agenda item IV.B. Pilato, Reilly, Unanimous.

Motion to approve the following as the mission, vision, and purpose of the Redding School District:

Mission: In partnership with the community, the mission of the Redding School District is to educate and nurture our students as they grow into self-directed, knowledgeable, critical thinkers, and compassionate engaged community members.

Vision: We envision our schools as warm, supportive communities that embrace the historic and natural resources of Redding and develop the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional assets of our children and adults. We see ourselves as caring individuals capable of creative collaboration in academics, athletics, and the fine and practical arts on campus and throughout the town.

Purpose:  Our purpose is to help children become complex problem solvers, who are strong communicators and contributing members of dynamic communities.

Motion:  move to add as agenda item IV.A vision mission and purpose of Redding Schools. Parkin, Reilly. Unanimous.

C. Parkin distributed the draft vision, mission, and purpose document as revised in the December meeting. Brief discussion followed.

Motion carried. Unanimous

The Board engaged in lengthy and wide-ranging discussion of topics relating to the budget including world language, special education pressures, class size, teacher assignments at JRMS, gifted and talented, each member’s program priorities, and the level of cuts required to achieve certain percent increase targets.

C. Pilato discussed Facebook efforts to date and asked the Board to clarify and revise the guidelines for posting to the Board social media account. The general feedback has been positive. Discussion followed regarding comfort level with various information being disseminated on social media, particularly as it relates to documents out of context.

Motion: move to approve the following revised guidelines for the Board of Education Facebook page: 

– The intent is to share information from Board of Education meetings with the community.

– Postings will include the information provided to us in Board of Education meetings, including agendas, meeting minutes, building reports, financial reports, and videos and other communications administration, staff, and the chairperson.

– The page administrators will consist of members of the communications committee.

– No Board of Education members will respond to comments.

– No posts will be made during pending referenda, except where approved by Board counsel.

– Unless the Communications Committee is otherwise authorized, posts consisting of information not made publicly available will be approved by the Board.

– Vulgarity is not permitted.

Pilato, Whaley. Approved. 6-1 (Hoffman opposed)

Christine Young, Latin Teacher, noted that enrollment in Latin is projected to be higher next year and citing five students in a cohort was anomalous.

Jeff Fligelman, Pocahontas Rd, encouraged the Board to either keep programs that make the district distinguished of cut them all. He also noted that the lower any one year’s budget is, the lower the basis against which a percentage change is in any following year.

M. Hoffman commented regarding the hiring of a new special education director and stability in that role.
C. Parkin acknowledged J. Fligelman’s comment and noted that if the 2019-20 budget landed at a 5.1% increase, it would amount to a 2.3% increase over what was spent in 2013-2014.
C. Pilato noted that we need answers to big questions.

Motion to adjourn. Parkin Whaley. Unanimous.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:26 pm.

Recorded and Submitted by
Chris Parkin, Redding Board of Education Secretary