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Minutes of Redding Paramedic Alliance Special Meeting, 04/05/2018

AGENDA: Redding Paramedic Alliance Special Meeting

RECEIVED 04/09/2018 1:40pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Special Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2018
Redding Town Hall

Wade Roese (RFD), Matt Rees (WRFD), Sean Morris (GFD), Matt Cassavechia and Julia Pemberton, First Selectman.

Meeting called to order @ 1706 by Wade Roese.

Last meetings minutes were reviewed.
No questions or comments asked.  Motion to approve – Wade, seconded by Julia.  Approved. Unanimous.

Election of officers 2018
Wade Roese – Pres.
Sean Morris – Vice Pres
Matt Rees  – Secretary

Motion by Julia to approve.  Second by Sean Morris. Approved. Unanimous.

New Business
Matt reported that Bethel has an RFP proposal for a new contract. Current contract expires 6/30/18.

Redding was listed on the last page if a company was interested in providing both Bethel and Redding Paramedic service.

Matt stated that currently Redding is paying for the “Back Up” medic for this program.

It was discussed that the program is working extremely well and all departments are happy with the high level of service we receive.

Julia will contact Bethel 1st selectman to see if Redding was still part of their plan with the medic service.

Old Business
Julia stated that the town in the past has paid $1262 in annual insurance premium for the Redding Paramedic Alliance. The town had sent out an email to Redding FD asking for them to pay 1/4 of the bill.  Redding FD paid $315.50 for this.  It was noted by Julia that it appeared that West Redding FD and Georgetown FD were not on the email list.  She will forward the email to the appropriate people in each dept. and follow up.

Meeting called to adjourn @ 1746 by Wade Roese.

Submitted by Sean Morris

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