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Minutes of Redding Paramedic Alliance, 03/09/2017

AGENDA: Redding Paramedic Alliance

RECEIVED 03/13/2017 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Redding Paramedic Alliance
Annual Meeting
March 9, 2017

Members Present:
Julia Pemberton, Wade Roese, Chris Augustine, Sean Morris

Non Members Present:
Matt Cassavechia, Sean McKenny, Glen Johnson, Steve Schnell

Recording Secretary:
Amy Alcott

The meeting came to order at 7:00pm.  The minutes from the last meeting were accepted, motion by Julia Pemberton, seconded by Wade Roese.

New Business:
Chris Augustine suggested that the RPA review the by-laws and update them if necessary. They were last revised in 3/2008. Wade Roese stated only members would be able to make changes to the by-laws.  There should be input from each district and its Commissioners.

Wade Roese asked for current insurance details for the RPA. Questions regarding insurance: is it current or has it lapsed? How is is paid? Is it  liability only? Who holds a copy of this policy?  Commissioner Ron Gatz would like more information on the policy for future budgeting. Julia said she would look into these details and we will address this issue at the June meeting.

Julia had contact with Matt Knickerbocker who stated that we still have a contract with Danbury Hospital for this year.

Unfinished Business:
There was a discussion regarding certain errors broadcast over the Spotted Dog software system.  The wrong address has shown up on pagers mis-directing the call into the wrong district.  Steve Schnell stated he has had a discussion with the dispatchers to have more accuracy when updating the information onto the system.

Julia Pemberton spoke with town counsel, who has reviewed the by-laws of the RPA.  The Redding PD will not be admitted as a member of the RPA

Election of Officers:
Chris Augustine nominated Wade Roese as President
Wade Roese nominated Chris Augustine as Vice President
Sean Morris is acting Secretary and Treasurer
Amy Alcott will remain Recording Secretary

Open Forum:
Sean Morris noted an improvement with the security staff at Meadow Ridge.  The new Security Director has helped implement EMTS on the midnight shift.

Wade Roese would like to add a section on the agenda for public comment

Sean McKenny mentioned that RRFD had a call that brought up safety issues for EMTs and Paramedics.  A weapon was found on a Patient after arrival at the hospital.

Steve Schnell advised there are new protocols from APCO, the dispatch software company.  325 mgs of Aspirin administration will be advised by dispatch prior to EMS arrival to a patient with chest pain. “Aspirin protocol has been initiated” will be dispatched to any responders. If the protocol is initiated, the RPD dispatcher will be responsible to fill out paperwork and submit it to Danbury Hospital.

Soon this will be pre-arrival protocol for EpiPen, Benadryl and Narcan.

All dispatchers are EMD certified.  Steve Schnell is an EMD Certified Trainer for APCO (the dispatch Co). The EMT students from RRFD as well as the public will be allowed to see how the dispatch center operates.

Matt Cassavechia said Redding is doing a great job implementing these new protocols.  The 911dispatcher is the first link in the EMS service.

Motion to Adjourn: Sean Morris/Chris Augustine 17:44

Submitted by Amy Alcott