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Minutes of Redding Safety Committee, 12/02/2021

AGENDA: Redding Safety Committee

RECEIVED 12/06/2021 10:24am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Redding Safety Committee Meeting
Thursday, December 2, 2021
Via Zoom Conference

The meeting was called to order at 4:04 p.m.

Present: Captain Marc Deluca (co-chair), Krista Gramer, Rob Blick, Alice Smith, Michelle Stillman, Shaun Donnelly, Doug Hartline, Vicki Cram, Peggy Palmer, Chuck Quinn, Ian Havens (CIRMA)

Minutes of the September 2, 2021 meeting were approved. (A. Smith/D.Hartline)

Old Business

John Read Middle School – Reunification drill. Vicki Cram explained that details that relate to school security should not be documented in a public forum. Captain Marc Deluca agreed.

Redding Elementary School – lighting in parking lot. Shaun Donnelly noted that previous discussion related to light outages along the right side of the driveway and outlining the areas of the parking lot that is Town responsibility (from the tennis courts back towards the Redding Community Center) and RES responsibility (between the tennis courts and Lonetown Road. Vicki Cram noted that light outages were discussed with the RES custodian and should be resolved.

New Business

Town Hall:

Krista Gramer noted that Jeff Hanson, Director of Public Works and co-chair to the Safety Committee, recently resigned from his position. A new co-chair will need to be appointed to the committee, preferably from the Highway or Facilities Department.

Krista Gramer reported 2 non-preventable injuries:
– A police officer suffered a wrist sprain resulting from carrying/lifting a combative person.
– A transfer station employee suffered multiple injuries from a trip and fall.

Michelle Stillman reported that the main entrance doors to the Redding Community Center is broken. Facilities management is aware of the issue and parts/repair is expected within the week.

Rob Blick noted that a reported safety concern regarding vehicles parking on the street by the tennis courts has been resolved with no parking signage and speed bumps installation from the police and highway departments.

Rob Blick requested an ETA on the repair of lights at the Redding Community Center. Shaun Donnelly noted coordination with an electrician was underway but a timeframe for repair not yet established.

Alice Smith reminded the committee of the ongoing public safety issue of falling limbs on the Parade Path that need attention. One tree at the end of the path is slated to be cut.

Doug Hartline noted that the vaccination van was scheduled at the Redding Community Center for December 4th. All three vaccination choices were available. An application for additional dates was requested but since the updated age parameters for boosters for those 18 and over the system has been overwhelmed with demand.

Ian Havens of CIRMA Risk Management attended the meeting and noted the e-learning opportunities available to the municipality. Contact information was provided. Captain Deluca asked about police department courses being post approved and it was noted that it was pending approval.

Board of Education:

Vicki Cram reported the following four injuries:

– A John Read Middle School employee slipped and fell on water, injured knee, no loss of time. The area with water has been corrected to prevent any further injuries.
– A John Read Middle School employee supervising recess tripped over a traffic cone while walking backwards sustaining right shoulder injury and subsequently recovered.
– A Redding Elementary School employee was tripped by a student.
– A Redding Elementary School employee incurred skin rashes which subsequently was found to be due to a cleaning product. The product was removed and the employee recovered.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 3, 2022 @ 4:00 PM – Town Hall conference room


The meeting was adjourned at 4:33 p.m. (A. Smith/ Donnelly)

Submitted by Krista Gramer