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Minutes of Redding Safety Committee, 06/04/2015

AGENDA: Redding Safety Committee

RECEIVED 06/08/2015 11:01am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


The meeting was called to order at 4:04 p.m.

Present:  Gail Schiron (co-chair), Rob Blick, Krista Gramer, Mark Lubus, Mark O’Donnell, Will Whitman, Willie Roman, Vicki Cram (4:18).

Minutes of the December 4, 2014 meeting were read and approved as submitted.  (Whitman/O’Donnell)

Old Business
Will Whitman indicates that forklift training for Transfer Station and Highway employees is pending; Jeff Hanson, Director of Public Works, to coordinate.

Willie Roman reports security enhancements and upgrades for the Community Center building will begin mid-July.

The Annex Building fire alarm panel has been repaired per Willie Roman.  

New Business
Reports of injury and other safety issues were reviewed.

Town Hall:
Mark Lubus reports inadequate lighting in the Annex building lobby.  Due to the new operating hours of the post office, the lobby area is at times left unlocked and unlit.  Installation of a sensor light switch was suggested.  Willie Roman will coordinate installation.

Per Will Whitman, the new Highway hires are being sent for OSHA and chain saw safety training.

Gail Schiron reported that the automatic/handicap doors were broken but has since been repaired by Willie Roman.

Gail Schiron reports the Heritage Center air conditioning remains broken.  Willie Roman indicates that repair is slated for next week.

Krista Gramer reported eight injuries since December, all of which were non-preventable:  one shoulder injury sustained by Highway employee from lifting equipment; one foot injury sustained by Highway employee from dropped equipment; three slip and fall incidents (Transfer Station employee, Highway employee and senior resident at Heritage Center); one eye injury from debris sustained by field maintenance worker (safety googles were worn); and two head injuries (Police officer in training at Academy and Park and Recreation employee).

Board of Education:
Wren Harper submitted a safety issue via email proposing that a fire extinguisher be standard in every science classroom.  Vicki Cram will follow up.

Vicki Cram reported seven injuries since December, all of which were non-preventable: two slip and falls on ice; two injuries involving a Special Education student; one twisting injury to the wrist; one injury to mouth and lip from equipment; and one finger injury sustained from being caught in PE equipment.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, September 3, 2015 @ 4:00 PM – Town Hall Conference Room

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m. (O’Donnell/Cram)


Submitted by Krista Gramer, Secretary

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