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Minutes of Region 9 Board of Education, 05/23/2017

AGENDA: Region 9 Board of Education

RECEIVED 06/05/2017 10:55am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

May 23, 2017
Regular Meeting Minutes
Joel Barlow High School Media Center
7:30 pm


Board of Education: Coppinger, D’Agostino, Gombos, Hancock, Hocker, King
Administration: Lagas, McMorran, Pierson Ugol, Pin
Staff: Czudak, Demarais, Panos, Ruszko, McTague,
Others: Approximately 20 members of the public
Student Representative: Maha Ulhaq

Chairman Hancock called the meeting to order at 7:40pm in the JBHS Learning Commons.

STUDENT COMMENT: Miss Ulhaq updated the Board on student activities.

Motion: move to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2017, meeting. DAgostino, Coppinger. Approved. Unanimous.

Motion: move to approve the minutes of the May 1, 2017, meeting. Hocker, King. Approved. Unanimous

Motion: move to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2017, meeting. Gombos, DAgostino. Approved. 4-0-2. Hancock and Coppinger abstain.




A. Muni Advisors presentation on Debt Service and Bonds
Dr. Lagas introduced Matt Sperdle from Muni Advisors who discussed the current debt situation and the AAA rating for the District. The market is favorable for bonding. Mr. Sperdle stated that a single issuance for multiple projects can be cost effective.

B. Termination of Tenured Teacher Contracts for Budget Reasons

Motion: moved that the contracts of employment of Nancy Brix and Leann Skalkos be terminated at the end of the current school year, effective June 30, 2017, due to reduction in force and that the Superintendent of Schools is directed to advise such persons in writing of this action. Gombos, Coppinger. Approved. Unanimous.
Dr. McMorran commented that this motion is not a reflection on the fine contributions of these two teachers. This is a result of declining enrollment and budgetary constraints.

C. Revenue from sale of Technology

Dr. Lagas reported that the funds from the sale of the technology would be recorded in Fund 6 or 7 and will require Board approval to move the funds to another fund. The sale of equipment requires careful documentation of what was sold including serial numbers and model numbers.
Dr. Pin referred to the April presentation that proposed the sale of specific computer hardware presented at the April meeting.

Motion: Move to approve that the Administration move forward with the sale of the technology equipment. Hocker, D’Agostino. Unanimous.

D. Update from Counseling Department

Ms. Panos, the Director of School Counseling, gave an update on the Post Graduate plans for the Class of 2017. She then gave an overview of the Duties and Roles of Counseling.

E. Formation of Budget Committee

Mr. Coppinger presented a proposal on the formation of a Budget Committee. He noted that the main focuses of the committee could be short term budget, engaging with Department heads. Mr. Hocker suggested that this not be implemented as a standing committee at this point, but rather a temporary taskforce for the upcoming year. Mr. Coppinger asked that the Board review the proposal and make changes and suggestions as required for discussion at a future meeting.

F. Update On Various Projects:

1. Status of Track
Mr. Hocker gave a brief update on the status of the investigation into the condition of the track. Their estimates are that it is useable for 1-3 more years.

2. Relationship of Debt Service Timeline and Possible Cost of Track
Dr. Lagas gave a brief report on the relationship of the Debt Service timeline and the potential cost of track improvements.

3. Review of Central Office Documents RE: Parking Fees
Dr. McMorran presented on the usage and procedures concerning the funds raised from Student Parking Pass fees. He stated that approximately $14,000 of the collected monies is allotted to secretarial time, $20,000 to maintenance, $5,000 to snow removal, and a little over$3,000 k for cones, line painting and repairs. Regarding the Audit Committee’s proposal to deposit Parking revenue into Operation Account, Mr. King reported that they are currently following up on this topic with the auditor, and will have more information soon.

4. Proposal for Use of Facilities and Related Fees

Dr. Pin reported on the proposed field usage fees.
Discussion Ensued.

Motion: Move that the Region 9 Board of Education accept the Administration’s proposal for revision of facility rental fees. Coppinger, Gombos. Approved. Unanimous.

5. Policy, Use of Shipman & Goodwin

Dr. McMorran requested that Central Office be given 6 weeks to create a suitable comparison guide depicting CABE policy wording and Shipman & Goodman wording.

6. Explanation, Provision of Homebound Instruction for Students Unable to Attend School
Dr. Pin gave a brief overview and explanation of needs and budgeting regarding students unable to attend school. Discussion ensued.

7. Explanation, Reduction of Copy Paper Allocation in 2017-2018
Drs. Pin and McMorran explained that there was a reduction in copy paper funds allocated for the upcoming year to $8,750.

8. Report on Fidelity of Process Implementation for Finances at C.O.
Dr. McMorran discussed the updating of processes regarding the fidelity and implementation of the budget. He presented a memo of purchase orders in May and June of the 2015-2016 budget. There were some purchases that should have been approved by the Board but were not. Dr. McMorran discussed making changes so this does not happen in the future. This happened due to overspending in certain lines in the budget without reconciling the transfers. This can be stopped by keeping track of lines and ensuring that if there is overspending it is kept track of. New controls will be implemented and roles will be better defined. Discussion ensued. Administration needs to spend an appropriate amount of time working for each of the three boards.

9. Status of Scheduling Professional Development Days for 2017-18
Professional Days will be planned at the end of May due to scheduling of the basic calendar. Dr. Pin hopes to have this by the next meeting.

10. Report on RFP for Security Camera Updates
Dr. Pin reported on the security cameras. They are meeting with two firms to either replace existing cameras and a full overhaul. The cameras are too old to be repaired. Discussion ensued.

Administrative Reports
In the effort to save time, the Administration referenced their handouts.

Dr. Pin asked if they could present at the next Board meeting on the Unified Garden. The Board agreed.

Board of Education Committee Reports


Mr. Hancock asked Dr. Pin for an itemized list of all technology to be sold.

Mr. D’Agostino reminded the Board that Thursday is “Barlow-palooza” and those who are able should come.

Motion: Move that the Region 9 Board of Education adjourn the meeting. Coppinger, Gombos. Approved. Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 p.m.

Submitted by Catherine Gombos, Region 9 Board of Education Secretary

Recorded by Elise Cavanaugh