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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commision, 03/19/2014

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commision

RECEIVED 03/24/2014 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: A. Atamian, T. Eubanks, J. Miller, D. Pattee, R. Regan, D. Robinson

Also present: Mark Batorski & Jon Oatley (Veolia), and five members of the publi

Chairman Regan called the regular meeting of the WPCC to order at 7:35 pm in the Hearing Room the Redding Town Hall.


Motion: move that the minutes of the February 19, 2014 meetings be accepted as corrected. Miller, Robinson.  Approved. Unanimous.

Corrections:  page 1, under Veolia Report, third bullet point, line 2, replace He with Mr. Batorski.


A written report was submitted. Mr. Batorski highlighted the report and provided additional information.

  • The work on plant computer programming issues is expected to be completed this week.
  • Plant visitation:  Antrena Tremblem a Veolia plant operator from Delaware, visited the plant in February to gain knowledge of the membrane process.  The Redding plant has been recommended as a good facility to tour.
  • Energy Audit:  Ms. Atamian will arrange for a CL&P representative to visit the plant to determine if an energy audit is warranted and could reduce the energy usage.  Ms. Atamian will arrange for the representative to visit the plant on April 16, 2014 and then attend the WPCC regular meeting to review options.  The meeting will be held at the Georgetown plant.
  • PAC usage was discussed.  Only a small amount was used recently.  The Phosphorus levels have been good.
  • Layne representative, Chris Savino visited the plant on February 4 & 20th and met with employees to finalize the O&M manual.  They discussed the membrane cleaning, TMP, membrane flow rates, and warranty information.  Mr. Savino followed up with Russ Mack and new documents are expected to be issued soon.  NIC Systems is working with Layne to finalize the programming according the new Layne maintenance cleaning parameters.
  • Plans for March include completion of the NIC programming for membrane cleaning, installation of new PVC lines to facilitate the use of the back pulse tank for cleaning, installation of new head units in the membrane room, completion of recommendation for a spare actuator for the basement of the permeate room, programming and any associated material, and obtaining quotes for the jetting of the collection system.

The final payment to Layne for the new membrane system was discussed.  The Commission members were in agreement that the final payment is dependent upon the completion of all computer programming and receipt of all necessary documentation.  In addition, the three invoices that Layne is responsible for, the cost of the fork lift and two invoices from NIC for programming, and these need to be addressed.


Robert McGuiness, representing the new business at 28 Main Street, explained the nature of the operation and anticipated water flows.  The business, Sparklicous, is a children’s birthday party store specializing in manicures, pedicures, glamor styling, makeup and crafts.  He anticipates most of the activity will occur on weekends with groups of 8-12 girls and moms.  Water usage will be minimal for the activity and one bathroom is available for use. Based on a retail business and his best estimate of usage, Mr. McGuiness estimates 280 gpd usage. The building is on Aquarion Water.  The building at 28 Main Street, owned by Ralph Bosch, includes an office space on the second floor.

The Commission was in agreement to allocate a total usage number to the entire building rather than just the business on the first floor.

Motion: move that the WPCC allocate a total of 400 gpd for the property at 28 Main Street, for both the business on the first floor and the occupancy on the second floor, with review in one year to consider any change (3/2015).  Regan, Pattee. Approved. Unanimous.


Gino Marseli, owner of the Wiremill BBQ (formerly Minny Vinny’s) requested approval for his remodeled business.  He has enlarged the business from 20 seats to 33 seats and hopes to grow to 40-45 seats.  Low flow toilets and dishwasher are now in place. Rather than the paper products previously used, dishes are now being used for the business and full bar service is available. The previous allocation for the business was 400 gpd.

Commission members discussed the changes and the change in water metering since the new business opened in January.  There was agreement that the 500 gpd would be sufficient for the operation.

Motion: move that the WPCC allocate a total of 500 gpd for the Wiremill BBQ at 12 Old Mill Road, with 40 seats, and with a review in one year to consider any change (3/2015).  Regan, Eubanks. Approved. Unanimous.


Leo Spinelli, representing Uncle Leo’s, presented information on the business planned for the space at 19 Main Street previously occupied by Swirls Ice Cream.  Uncle Leo’s will be a coffee house/café, serving different types of coffees and bagels/pastries.  The coffee will be made on site, all other goods will be produced at another location and brought in for sale. All paper products will be used and no dishwasher was installed.

Commission members discussed the property at 17-19 Main Street.  The parcel includes the area proposed for Uncle Leo’s and the area proposed as a restaurant named 19 Main.  Previously the WPCC allocated a total of 3000 gpd for the restaurant, 19 Main.  The Commission members were in agreement that the allocation should be for the total parcel of property rather than the individual tenants.  They also agreed that the total allocation currently allotted to the restaurant (3000 gpd) would be sufficient to include the proposed coffee operation.

Motion: move that the WPCC approve an allocation for the building at 17-19 Main Street (for all tenants at the location) of 3000 gpd, and with a review in one year to consider any change (3/2015). Regan, Robinson.  Approved. Unanimous.


Mr. Batorski reported on the following meters:

  • Fire Department: water meter has been re-installed
  • Black Cat Grill: meter is hooked up and functioning, but the exterior remote reader needs to be replaced.
  • Wiremill BBQ:  meter/reader is functioning correctly.
  • Landmark Preschool: both the meter and exterior remote reader need to be replaced

Motion: move that the WPCC authorize Veolia Water N.A. to move forward with the replacement of one water meter and remote reader for the Landmark Preschool location (20 Portland Avenue) and one remote reader for the Black Cat Grill (58 Redding Road), for expenditure up to $500.  Regan, Pattee. Approved. Unanimous.


Sal Gaetano from the Meadow Ridge Management was present to discuss the current level of water usage at the facility.  An error in reporting the usage occurred while Mr. Gaetano was out on sick leave and the error has now been corrected.  The current usage is slightly over the allocation of 45,000 gpd.  Mr. Gaetano is exploring reasons for the overage and has his crew checking on the potential of “running toilets”.   The water usage for one of the buildings has increased substantially and Mr. Gaetano is looking for a reason for the increase. Current occupancy at the facility is just under 80%.


The available balance in the Usage account as of March 14, 2014 is $29,389.32

Three invoices from Veolia CBYD Department were reviewed. Mr. Miller will check further on these charges.

Open invoices were reviewed.

  1.  AT&T, est. $280. 00
  2.  CL&P,  $2,884.16
  3.  Transcanada, $4,649.84
  4.  Hocon Gas, 3/13/14, $355.11
  5.  Little Blue Construction (snow plowing) 2/24/14, $2,165.00
  6.  No Junk Mail (envelopes for billing), 3/14/14, $97.50
  7.  Veolia monthly services for February 2014, for  $26,394.02

TOTAL, $ 35,825.63

Since the available balance is only $29,389.32, an additional loan from the Town of Redding will need to be requested at the Board of Finance meeting on Monday, March 24, 2014. Mr. Regan will attend that meeting and request an additional loan of $50,000.

Motion: move to approve payment of invoices listed above, with the exception of the February Veolia bill which will be paid when funds are made available. Eubanks, Regan. Approved. Unanimous.

Invoices not approved:

  • Veolia monthly invoice for March,  $26,394.02
  • 3 invoices from Veolia CBYD services, $1,450

The current balance in the Sewer Assessment Account is $23,661.10.

Board of Finance loans to WPCC as of February 14, 2014 is $1,175,713.75


Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. Pattee, Atamian. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 9:37 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Maday, Recording Secretary