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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 06/17/2015

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 06/18/2015 4:36pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: A. Atamian, J. Bacon, Eubanks, J. Fisher, J. Miller, D. Pattee, R. Regan (7:39 pm)
Also present. Burke, (Veolia), K. Stauffer, and two others

Mr. Eubanks called the meeting of the WPCC to order at 7:35 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Office Building.

Motion: move that the minutes of the May 20 2015 meeting be accepted as corrected. Miller, Pattee. Approved. 4-0-2. Mr. Bacon and Mr. Fisher abstained.
Corrections: page 2, the current balance in the Sewer Assessment Account is $12,955.20

Mr. Regan arrived at 7:39 pm

A written report was submitted.
Geno Burke provided an overview of the written monthly report.

  • Average daily flow is about 60,000 gpd.
  • Compressor air dryer fan motor failed and was replaced.
  • Wasting for the month was 61.341 gallons
  • 13,000 gallons of thickened waste activated sludge was hauled off for disposal
  • The plan is running well and within permit limits
  • An increase in grease at the pump station was observed this month.

Robert Maniere, operator for the Georgetown Saloon, and Sam Nickerson, owner of 8 Main Street, were present for the discussion.  Mr. Maniere estimates water usage of just over 1,000 gallons per day. The restaurant will have 55 seats in the dining room and 24 in the bar area.  Mr. Nickerson indicted that the upstairs apartments will be reconfigured to two units, each with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Previously an allocation of 2000 gpd was granted to the user of the property.

Motion: move that the Water Pollution Control Commission allocate 2000 gpd for the property at 8 Main Street, with a review in one year. Regan, Pattee.  Approved. Unanimous.

The available balance in the Usage account as of May 20, 2015 is $91,118.39. The last quarterly billing went out in late March, all but about $5,000 has been received. The July billing will be sent out at the end of June.

Open invoices were reviewed.

1.  Frontier, $236.46
2.  Aquarion (plant water usage), $299.78
3.  Eversource (CL&P),  $1,680.98
4.  Transcanada, #3,329.32
5.  Deluca Hardware, $46.95
6.  J Mulvaney, meter replacement Landmark Preschool, $1,481.25
7.  CT DEEP (Annual Permit) $1,722.50
8.  Veolia reimbursables for April, $9,397.47 subject to review by Mr. Regan
9.  Veolia monthly services for May 2015, 26,746.29

Motion: move to approve payment of invoices listed above, subject to review of Reimbursables by Mr. Regan. Pattee, Eubanks Approved. Unanimous.

Invoices not approved: Veolia monthly invoice for June 2015, $26,746.29

  • Board of Finance advance to for fiscal 14-15, $237,350 was received.  The allocation for fiscal 15-16 is $249,850
  • The total now due from GSTD  is $1,678,984.18

Mr. Bacon noted that he explained to residents at Meadow Ridge why the garbage disposals were removed and why they cannot be used.  The residents who questioned it seem content with the answer.

Mr. Miller reported he attended the first meeting of the new Utilities Task Force as a guest.  The Task Force is exploring the potential to make natural gas available to residents and businesses in the Georgetown area.  The concept of fuel cell energy will also be on their agenda.  Mr. Miller indicated that the WPCC would be interested in exploring the fuel cell option for the wastewater treatment plant, if it becomes a reality.

Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. Pattee, Atamian. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm.
Submitted by Mary Maday