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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 07/20/2016

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 07/26/2016 11:56am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
July 20, 2016

Present: J. Miller, J. Fisher, R. Regan, A. Atamian, T, Eubanks
Also Present: K. Stauffer, D. Hartline (Health Department), Burke & Bernardini, Oatley (Veolia)

Mr. Regan called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Office Building

Insert “each” on page 2 in sentence pertaining to how much the WPCC has requested from the BOF.
REVISED TO: “Previously, there were transfers of $60,000 each from the Town one in September, the second in March.”
Motion: move that the minutes of the June 15, 2016 meeting be accepted with the clarifications noted. Regan, Atamian. Motion approved unanimously.

The monthly written report was reviewed.
Discussion on the following:

  1. The plant is operating in full compliance. Mr. Burke reported on routine operation and maintenance.
  2. Drum Screen: The drum screen seems to be functioning properly with routine power washings. The drum sleeve has arrived and has been installed.
  3. An inorganic cleaning was done on the membranes and they have been responding very well.
  4. Pump Station: Mr. Burke stated that the pump station was in need of a cleanout and things are running smoothly.
  5. Dryer: A large buildup of condensate has become present in the air lines because the dryer has become inoperable. Mr. Burke and Mr. Bernardini have been manually draining the air lines but the dryer will need to be replaced. A new dryer has been ordered and is set to be installed. Ms. Atamian asked if there is any sort of alarm that should have gone off to alert the plant that the dryer was not functioning. Mr. Burke informed the commission that after a series of storms, many systems at the plants needed to be reset and the malfunction was not noticed. The approximate price of the new unit is $2,100 which includes an Eversource rebate of $300 which has been filed.
  6. Mr. Oatley stated that it might be time for the plant to get a new air compression system. After so many years of the plants current compression system, it may have become less reliable than a newer system that has the ability to automatically adjust depending on how much air any section of the plant may need. The current air compressor is a Kaiser product which requires much routine maintenance. Mr. Burke and Mr. Bernardini will be doing an expense analysis to see how much it has been costing to maintain the current compressor compared to the cost of getting a new one.
  7. UV Lamps: There have been ongoing issues with the lamps. An electrician’s findings stated that; when the UV system was installed, the banks has been designed to run off a 15-amp breaker with up to 3 outlets. There had been 4 outlets running off of the breaker which would continuously over-amp the circuit causing it to burn out. Mr. Bernardini proposes that they replace the cord to each bank with a 20-amp breaker to prevent the outlets from burning out. A repair has been scheduled for Wednesday July 27, 2016 and will cost about $1,400.
  8. Membrane Permeate Pump: The membrane permeate pump failed and has been running off of the backup. A replacement will be much more efficient. Mr. Bernardini stated that he will be looking for a kit to try and rebuild the parts of the pump that failed. Rebuild kits are off the market so it may be difficult to find one. A replacement will cost $3,500. Nothing has been purchased or scheduled, yet. Mr. Burke and Mr. Bernardini will come to next month’s meeting with an update.
  9. PAC: Mr. Bernardini and Mr. Burke had created a spreadsheet of the phosphorus levels throughout the past month. The average phosphorus level has been about 4 lbs. over the permitted amount. The phosphorus levels in the plant are dependent upon how much water is actually flowing through the plant. Up to 30 gallons of PAC per day will be needed to keep the phosphorus levels down.  Mr. Oatley suggested a “black box” type analyzer for the phosphate to make sure that the concentrations are at about .15. The analyzer could also keep track of the PAC dosing. Mr. Oatley informed the commission that an analyzer like this would cost upwards of $18,000 but with Veolia’s corporate discount, they could get it for up to half off. The PAC would cost about $10,000 a year. Mr. Oatley warned that there will be an increase in sludge production and cause for more frequent cleaning of the membranes. The commission expressed their concern on how the PAC levels could begin to affect the life of the membranes. The commission discussed using iron instead of PAC but Mr. Oatley warned that although it may work, it will being to stain everything and that PAC is overall more effective. Mr. Regan brought up the fact that it is the commission’s responsibility to protect the membranes so the analyzer could be a necessary addition to the plant in the near future. Mr. Miller inquired how long it might take to get replacement membranes in the case that the current membranes were no longer functioning.

Veolia had an initial CBYD contract with North Haven. When the plant hired Mr. Ciccone and Mr. Burke, they had decided that they would be able to do CBYD in-house. While contracts were being sorted out and agreements were being made, Mr. Oatley had been holding onto the invoices in hopes that there would not be a need for any retroactive processing. After everything had been put together, Mr. Oatley kept the invoices and then it took around 3 months to go through Veolia’s accounting department. The new CBYD contract has lowered the price for each call so the commission will be billed quarterly depending on call volume.

Doug Hartline from the Redding Health Department spoke on behalf of Sal Gaetano (Maintenance Coordinator of Meadow Ridge). There was an overflow in the underground chamber accompanied by a buildup of grease causing the manhole cover to pop off. Mr. Hartline informed the commission that Mr. Gaetano has agreed to perform monthly check of the manhole and has hired Ridgefield Plumbing to jet the lines yearly. The commission would like to try and get an original mapping of all the pipes going from Meadow Ridge to the Sewer Treatment Plant. Ms. Stauffer will talk to Pat Moisio about any maps that might be in the Town Hall. Mr. Burke will see if he can get a map from Meadow Ridge or if there is anything at the plant.

Tabled for next month’s meeting

The available balance in the Usage Account is $71,907.73

Invoices were reviewed.
FY 2016

  1. Aquarion Meter Readings, $48.59
  2. Aquarion Meter Readings, $18.49
  3. Aquarion Monthly, $188.05
  4. CT DEEP Late Fee, $275.00
  5. Deluca, $21.98
  6. Deluca, $11.94
  7. Eversource, $2,161.59
  8. Town Clerk Lien Filing, $110.00
  9. Transcanada, $3,620.39
  10. Veolia Meter Readings, $454.04
  11. Veolia Reimbursables- May, $6,796.73 subject to review by Mr. Regan
  12. Veolia Monthly- June, $26,850.50

      FY 2017

  1. Deluca, $74.92
  2. CT DEEP Publication Fee, $1,242.78
  3. Frontier, $235.08
  4. Quality Data Services, $1,025.00


  1. CBYD OCT 2014, $1,830.00
  2. CBYD DEC 2014, $600.00
  3. CBYD JAN 2015, $15.00
  4. CBYD MARCH 2015, $30.00

Motion: move to approve payment of invoices listed above, subjected to review of Reimbursables by Mr. Regan. Regan, Eubanks. Approved. Unanimous.

  • Invoices not approved: Veolia Monthly invoice for July 2016, $26,850.50
  • The total due now from GSTD is $2,014,211.36

The commission requested that Mr. Miller speak with Selectman Pemberton about joining next month’s meeting to inform the commission of any headway with the GLDC foreclosure.

Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. Regan, Eubanks. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm

Submitted by Katherine Stauffer