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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 11/16/2016

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 11/22/2016 1:24pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
November 16, 2016

Present: Jim Miller, Todd Eubanks, David Pattee, Rich Regan, Amy Atamian & John Fisher.
Also Present: Katherine Stauffer; Eugene Burke, Matthew Bernardini and John Oatley of Veolia Water; Sal Gaetano from Meadow Ridge.

R.  Regan called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Office Building.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES of October 19, 2016
Amy Atamian noted on p. 2, 3rd paragraph (discussion about UV lamps) change “some” to “all”;
D. Pattee pointed out on p. 2, bottom, change should be made from “ethanol” tank to “methanol” tank.

Motion: Move that the minutes of the October 19, 2016 meeting be accepted with the changes noted. D. Patee, R. Regan. No discussion. J. Miller abstained. Motion approved by rest of commission.

The monthly written report was reviewed.
Discussion on the following delivered by E. Burke, M. Bernardini, J. Oatley:

  1. Everything running smoothly at plant. Pressure washing, screen cleaning. Inspection of offline unit is good. Minor replacements of air valves, mufflers. Methanol tank has 30 gallons left. Powers meter was replaced. 13,500 gallons of sludge flushed from system. Surprise visit from CT DEEP went well. Kinsley Power serviced generator—went well. CT Fire Equipment inspected and serviced. They will look into system replacement down the road—one that is more reliable (the system is old). The alarm system is showing wear. Will share pricing in future discussion.
  2. Pump Station: Tee shirt in cutter blades. Really jammed. Julia P. posted a notice on FB to alert people. Good use of social media. Blades are starting to wear. Pricing new one.

Can a water line be run to the pump? Having running water would make it easier to clean out in future. It would help break up blockage of floating debris. Look into with owner of building to see if can run a hose (GT Package Store). Discussion ensued. Put on to do list.

  1. PAC is done for the season. Shut off UV disinfection. Pre-UV samples done. Waiting for data. All numbers are coming back great.
  2. Firewall for Security System blew out. New codes and IP addressed were repaired and redone.
  3. Complete compliance for the month for PAC. Final numbers were .29 (whereas the acceptable is 1.08). Cost is dropped too: $23-28 now (was $25-30). Discussion ensued. Will start up again mid-March (before season). Will stay in contact about numbers and new information received. Continuing to do daily phosphorus check (5 days a week). Numbers are not far off, but seasonal changes might affect levels. Board asked to make headings on charts more readable, larger and more legible. Goal for next year will be to define a baseline for saturation. Can use an online analyzer. J. Miller mentioned the in-house vs. independent lab tests (which we are obligated to do) and Veolia responded that there was not enough time to get those in, to eliminate worry issues. And to see opportunity to see differences. At the moment, the levels have not had adverse effects on the membranes. This is good.
  1. New Forklift : Delivered on Friday, Nov. 18. Some confusion with invoices. Rental unit gone. Veolia appreciates the support of the commission for getting the forklift and the safety concerns. Discussed maintenance program but will need authorization to do so. John O. thanked the commission and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and left the meeting.
  1. Macerator at Meadow Ridge : Letters/flyers delivered. Sal from Meadow Ridge discussed with commission. Macerator is checked often. There is a spare one as well. There is an alarm system on it. Security checks shack where it is stored and makes sure it is running. Not submerged. Is there a screen to keep large items from getting to the macerator? Matt and Gino should come up and take a look at it. Set up a time with Sal.
  1. Forklift Preventive Care Package: Matt reviewed service contract and decided that it is cheaper than doing it oneself. Parts are hard to come by. Every 3 months, get service—but realistically it will be every 6 months. Oil change, hydraulics check up, etc. Around $140 per service. J. Miller brought up the idea that perhaps highway/transfer might share their information about their maintenance program and see if there is a package deal. Get town’s vendor for forklift repair. Get 2 quotes (follow town procedure regarding purchase orders via auditors comments, no more “control deficiencies”…behave with policies and procedures of the town). 30 more days before locking in to a contract; warranty is 6 months. Definitely need to process a correct purchase order. Discussion ensued. Give model number and drop dead date of contract to Katherine.

Veolia reps departed at 8:26 pm, wishing everyone a good night and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Meadow Ridge: Sal Gaetano
Photos of deduct meters were passed around. About meters: only getting credit for some (pool, lagoon and maintenance garage). The last 3 quarters were discussed. Discussion about deductions ensued. Went back to see history starting in 2008. The deduct meters were installed in 2008. D. Pattee was under the impression that all water that was drawn was deducted, including irrigation, pool, lagoon. Assume the only deducts would be the water that goes to the water treatment plant. Discussed each building and suggested that the commission look at the lines and meters. Total bills are around $75,000 per quarter except high irrigation months (this last bill) is around $100,000.
R. Regan suggested that should put to vote: a credit or deduct.
There was more discussion about this. Want to look at Aquarion meter readings.
Minutes from 2008, J. Miller brought up the fact that there were 7 meters mentioned. Aquarion checks the meters every 4 years.
Suggestion made: Meters should be checked by outside independent agency and have a regular program to verify the numbers. Need confidence in meters. Ex: 14,000 gal per day (if divide days from the 1,301,800 gals). We have to decide how to bill. Each building, as per Katherine’s analysis (locations: Community, Spruce, Maple, Laurel, Pool, Lagoon, Maintenance garage), only 5 readings from 5 meters. D. Pattee thinks that deducts should only be for what comes to the water treatment plant. Aquarion apparently just did a check on the meters, according to Katherine. We should deduct from Aquarion meters. J. Fisher talked about issue of 23 houses in Redding Woods—bill from Aquarion and Water Treatment plant…but no all water comes back to plant. No deduct meters are on the properties. Each house would need 2 deduct meters per house (because of hose lines, one front and one back).
T. Eubanks suggested going forward: at MR, subject to having some verification that meters are operating properly, we will permit the deduct from each of the respective Aquarion meter readings so that then the net billing will be the Aquarion billing less the applicable deduct meter and that will be the bill.
R. Regan: wants to address this year, including Oct. invoice. (Sal will get meters checked).

Bills are subject to interest (which Katherine will look into to correct). Discussion about bills/invoices, interest accrued (in the amount of $2,928.96) and the inconsistency of data ensued, after verification of the meters (via an outside licensed firm, supplied by Ridgefield Plumbing and Heating). Meadow Ridge will be sending checks for full amount and adjustments will be made to show credits for next quarter.

MOTION: Adjust invoice/bills to apply deducts to each building. Issue a credit for the current billing period, applying irrigation numbers based on inspection of locations and make deducts from future billings. R. Regan, T. Eubanks. Approved. Unanimous.

Discussion followed.

 Commission expressed appreciation of Meadow Ridge presence and bringing this issue forward. Sal thanked the commission.


Motion: The commission authorizes R. Regan to ask for a transfer request for $60,000 from the Town. R. Regan, T. Eubanks. Approved. Unanimous. No discussion.

K. Stauffer noted the big reimbursables from Sept. and Oct for the total of $44,933.08.
Bills to be paid: Have $73,430 worth of bills (we have $29,723 and anticipate the $60,000 from the town).
Not going to pay: Veolia Monthly Reimbursables for Sept: $17,966.97 and Nov: $26,850.50.
Will pay: Aquarion Meter: $275.00, Aquarion monthly: $127.97, Deluca Hardware: $14.56, Eversource: $2,133.99, Frontier: $285.49, Mulvaney Plumbing: $1232.94, Transcanada: $3,439.14, Veolia Reimbursables Aug: $11,644.11, Veolia Reimbursables Oct.: $10,530.77, Veolia Monthly Oct: $26,850.50, Veolia CBYD: $15.00 and W.B. Mason $14.38…all subject to receipt of transfer.

Motion: Pay all bills except Veolia Reimbursables for October and Veolia Monthly November subject to having funds. R. Regan, D. Pattee. No discussion. Approved. Unanimous.

R. Regan invited group to go to Town Safety meeting in response to an invite from Krista Gramer (from the finance office at Town Hall). The meeting is on Dec. 1 at 4 pm at the Redding Police Dept. The meeting is only 30 minutes. Either Katherine or J. Fisher might go.

Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. R. Regan, J. Fisher. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm

Submitted by Alice Smith