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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 12/21/2016

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 12/27/2016 3:06pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
December 21, 2016

Present: Jim Miller, David Pattee, Rich Regan, Amy Atamian & John Fisher.

Also Present: Katherine Stauffer; Eugene Burke, Matthew Bernardini and John Oatley of Veolia Water; Sal Gaetano, Michelle Bettigole from Meadow Ridge; Kevin Yates from Montagno Construction.

R. Regan called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Office Building

ITEM 1:  APPROVAL OF MINUTES of November 16, 2016 meeting.
Motion: D. Patee, R. Regan. No discussion. Motion approved unanimously.

The monthly written report was reviewed.

Discussion on the following delivered by E. Burke, M. Bernardini, J. Oatley.

  1. 14 years and no safety incidents in the facility.
  2. Weekly operational power washing of the on-line primary drum screen going well.
  3. Wasted 21,850 gallons of sludge from the recycle wet well; 6,100 hauled off site for disposal
  4. Recovery dip: 70-80 per gallons per minute; running really well.
  5. Backflow: fixed.
  6. Forklift on site, from Abel Womack.
  7. 2 liquified Propane bottles were purchased for the unit from HOCON.
  8. Aquarion water did annual inspection for back flow test on water system. VFD for aeration recycle pump that failed was repaired. Also gave quote for boiler and water heater.
  9. Discussion followed about cost of fixing failing parts, getting 3 different quotes.
  10. Relief valve was discussed at length—the different sizing of actual and acceptable: outlet matches inlet. It needs to comply by Jan. 5, 2017. Call Ridgefield Plumbing for quote. Matt agreed by Tuesday. The most expensive of the items is the water heater.

Motion: Enable group email to respond, to authorize work be done on 3 items: the pressure relief valve, water heater and back flow preventer, subject to submittal of 3 quotes from Veolia, with approval to take the lowest quote. R. Regan. J. Miller. No discussion. Motion approved unanimously.

No permit violations in 2016.
Testing on e-Coli—still less than 10. Good indications of filtration.

Questions from commission:
1) Snow removal: Little Blue. J. Miller requested purchase orders, for anything over $1,000. We need to show evidence of purchasing.

2) Matt brought up request from Japanese Canadian company to take a peek at our plant. There was discussion about intentions of the company—how our plant operates, how our membranes work, cold region functionality, flows, monthly trends, etc. Going forward: the commission advised that we should only share what is public information. It is okay for outside visitors/vendors to tour the plant. It is okay to share info that reports to the state, that which is public. Anything specific to the town, the commission should receive these questions in writing.

3) What were membranes taking out per bank, before the new membrane dip?
Now doing 160 after dip, before 80/90/100…from 100 to 160. There is nothing to indicate losing production. PAC does influence color of the effluent. Better feel next year. If see changes, Veolia will correct accordingly.
The membranes have been in for almost 3 years now. Indication that there will be a 7 to 10 year window of functionality for the membranes.

Discussion ensued about changes in functionality. J. Oatley spoke about flow monitoring after a good rain. He suggested that there may be at most, a 10% change in flow. Perhaps try a smoke test—to see what rises from the ground, at people’s home, as a first attempt to monitor. Or go from home to home to look for sub-pumps, going door to door.

Will make a point going forward to note rain inflows into plant. Do some plot correlations. The drought has effected incoming flows. We will see significant drop everywhere.

Veolia reps departed at 8:23 pm, wishing everyone a good night and Merry Christmas.

Meadow Ridge: Sal Gaetano, Michelle Bettigole (Exec. Director); Kevin Yates from Montagno Construction.
Meadow Ridge described a section of space to create a second kitchen/dining area. All food now is served out of the main kitchen. That food is brought to various sites at Meadow Ridge, typically gets cold and is always a challenge. The new spot will make it a lot easier, more convenient and different. Less formal, more casual food served.
All appropriate permits will be issued to the building department, describing the commercial installation of pipes, equipment, grease traps (free standing at each sink), etc. for this project.

MOTION: Authorize the installation of a second satellite kitchen/ dining area at Meadow Ridge with the appropriate grease traps. R. Regan, J. Miller. Approved. Unanimous. Discussion followed.

Commission thanked Meadow Ridge for bringing this issue forward. Meadow Ridge thanked the commission. All wished each other good night and Merry Christmas. Sal Gaetano, Michelle Bettigole and Kevin Yates left at 8:36 pm.

Meeting Dates discussed. 3rd Wednesday of the month. For 2017: Jan. 18, Feb. 15, Mar. 15, Apr. 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, Aug. 16, Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, Dec. 20, 2017.
Motion:  Dates for 2017 approved. R. Regan. D. Pattee. Approved. Unanimous. 

Proposed budget for 2017-18.  Much discussion. Final numbers:

Sewer Usage – $360,000
Salary & Wages – $29,000
Recording Secretary – $1,450
Contract Services – $340,000
Computer Services – $8,000
Outside Services – $13,000
General Legal – $2,500
Lab Services/Supplies – $20,000
Sludge Disposal – $16,000
Telephone – $3,000
Postage – $400
Legal Notices – $100
Electric Services – $75,000
Maintenance & Repair of Equip. – $65,000
Fuel/Oil/Propane – $2,000
Material and Supplies – $35,000
Pump Station – $10,000
Water Utility – $3,000
All other expenses – $1,000

TOTAL: $624,450

Bills to be paid December 2016: Aquarian Monthly $118.43; Deluca, $25.95; Eversource, $2,491.87; Frontier, $281.21; Hocon Gas, $15.00, Hocon Gas, $68.00; State of CT, $160.00, Transcanada, $3,969.52; Veolia Monthly (Nov), $26,850.50. Veolia Reimbursable (Oct), $10,530.77—subject for review by R.Regan.
MOTION: Authorize to pay all invoices as listed. R. Regan, A. Atamian. No discussion. Approved. Unanimous.

D. Pattee reminded the commission about his earlier comment about visit to site by outside vendor.
J.Miller: his report about trip to Meadow Ridge. Highlights: Found maintenance building with meters with Sal Gaetano. Went into Maintenance garage, other buildings and reviewed deduct and building meters. Security personnel reads meters. Deduct meters are marked. There was a period of time when meters were not being read correctly, but sign now denotes “Read This Meter”. Looked at macerator; Ridgefield Plumbing changes on scheduled basis, using available spare. Also a screened downstream from macerator—seemed a strange location. But Ridgefield Plumbing manages cleaning of this as well. Overall, was a successful trip, having verified all meters.

No public comment.

Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. J. Miller, D, Pattee. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 9:28 pm

Submitted by Alice Smith

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