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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 02/15/2017

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 02/21/2017 2:03pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
February 15, 2017

Present: Jim Miller, Todd Eubanks, David Pattee, Rich Regan, Amy Atamian & John Fisher.
Also Present: Katherine Stauffer; Matthew Bernardini of Veolia Water; Jim Baulsir for the Redding Beer Company.

R. Regan called the meeting to order at 7:34 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall Building.

ITEM 1:  APPROVAL OF MINUTES of  January 18, 2017 meeting.
Corrections noted.

–in Motion, correct “Atamain” to “Atamian”
–Item 2:  fix names “Banks” to “Burke” and “Berdardini” to “Bernardini”

–2nd paragraph: change “G.” to “E.” Burke.; Change “bill” to “call” from Meadow Ridge
—very last sentence on page, delete “The venue or” and capitalize the word “customers” on next page, to read “Customers can bring…”

Change “Veolia chimed in that there are concerns” to “Veolia expressed concerns”.

And finally, A. Atamian asked that the minutes be numbered in the future.

Motion: Approve minutes with changes. No discussion. R. Regan, A. Atamian. Abstain: D. Pattee.

M. Bernardini reported for the Veolia team.

–Weekly power washing continues of the on-line primary drum screener.
–Organics and Inorganics cleaning of both membrane trains were completed.
–Internal wasting totaled 21,400 gallons.
–Boiler inspection repairs were completed. Town of Redding inspector—Shaun Donnelly—completed inspection as well.
–Main building heating unit was replaced.

Discussed Hach bid for new analyzer, as per the requirement of the new permit by the State. The permit requires 24-hour per day transmission reading of effluence after it has gone through the UV process (constant measurements of dosage, run hours, intensity and transmittance). Since Veolia doesn’t have 24-hour a day operation, this is the only way to assure consistent readings and reporting. Why do this? We don’t want to be out of compliance and be fined.

M. Bernardini shared pricing and explanation of services. The commission agreed that the price would be better if purchased from Hach directly (at a discount of $13,800 vs. the price of $23,000) and facilitate the purchase through Veolia Water, but check with the town first (see motion) to make sure we can get the reduced price.

Discussion ensued. It was agreed that the main reason to use Hach as a provider, is they have been a preferred company by Veolia historically; they get the best prices, best service, etc.

Motion: We authorize Veolia Water to purchase the Turbidity Monitoring System and the DO/PH Monitoring System subject to the condition that the Town of Redding is unable to purchase directly with the discount prices quoted, $13,863.61 and $2,610.77 , pursuant to the response from Veolia Water North America by Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017.
R. Regan.T. Eubanks. No discussion. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously.

Issue with Black Cat Grille Water Meter
The water meter counts backward. Has an outside faucet next to meter (about 6 inches away) and is back-feeding into the system. Will need to put in a backflow preventer or check valve. It was checked 4 days in a row, in which 2 days were up and 2 days were down. This is strange because the meter is relatively new.

Discussion ensued. Whose obligation is it to fix? It is Black Cat’s. Veolia will communicate with them that meter cannot flow backward. Veolia will also reach out to Doug Hartline to find out about the backflow.

Installed Camera System
Free cameras were given to Veolia from a sourcing agent at no cost to Redding. The cameras now view the parking lot, the emergency generator and the pump station.

External Lights on the Administration Building
The lights have completely failed (4 on main building). Not one works. They all retain water. It was discussed to have the electrician look at them when they are on site when doing the monitoring system installation. Have them switch out for LED lights and put in a motion one in front of building (for safety reasons).

Carbon System Potential Failure
A rep looked at it and did a report. He summed up that it has worked well over its life expectancy–did 10 year run. However, the price for carbon material is outrageous. The replacement would cost around $20,000 which doesn’t include installation. Veolia reached out to a sourcing agent who will identify 6 different companies to get bids for the price of carbon: $1 price-per-pound vs. $3 price-per-pound. Discussed recharged carbon as an alternative (not virgin carbon); decided against it because of the environmental issues with changing on site. Maybe buy recharged carbon. Veolia will come back with quotes in a couple of weeks.

Sensor on Aeration Tank
Discussed the functionality of the sensor in the extreme cold. A sensor head blew. Another just stopped working. Veolia had it serviced. Found out the level indicators are good to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is fully exposed; sits right on top of the tank. NIC programmed it. Veolia wrapped it in tape temporarily. Going to build a permanent structure and have electrician put outlet right there. Veolia will look into replacement options.

New topic:
J. Miller pointed out that someone, either J. Oatley or G. Burke, is doing his charting wrong. The curve is trending in the wrong direction. Please correct.

ITEM 3. Redding Beer Company (RBC)
Report from M. Bernardini and J. Baulsir.

From Veolia’s point of view, some predictions:
–If the Redding Beer Company never runs at worse case scenario, and stays on an average, then all should be good. The main concern is use of chemicals and phosphorus.
–The commission might want to look into the amount of phosphorus used. Veolia predicted might go up by as much as gallon a day to treat influent.
–Veolia suggested RBC bleed waste water slowly into the system when doing cleanings, otherwise it comes as a shock load to the pump station.
–If a bad batch is produced, it might affect the BOD. RBC responded that they plan on taking the batch to another distillery to sell.
–Both Veolia and the commission would like the RBC to take samples: run a pH, phosphorus test before they discharge.
–Finally, the RBC should keep an open relationship with Veolia.

RBC’s J. Baulsir’s responses:
–shared the list of cleaners and explained how they are used.
–will provide a wastewater tank.
–will test both caustic and acid, test the pH each time; looking for readings above 6.
–can divert sump pumps to wastewater tanks (after being diluted and hosed down from floor drains).
–alerted the commission of a tightly controlled accounting for water: a “tax tank” at the end of the process for the beer that leaves facility.
— reported that there are 7 liters of water per liter of beer: 7 to 1. (Beer is 15% water use).
–the daily flow for water in the space is 1,250 gallons and the space can host 60 people as per the fire marshal.
–The commission asked for a standard operating file from J. Baulsir and give to Veolia.

Motion: Redding Beer Company, leasing at 7 Main Street, shall be allowed to discharge 1,250 gallons per day into the sewer system. A deduction for the amount of certified beer production from the total water usage will be permitted. Additionally the processed waste water shall be collected in a waste water holding tank, checked for pH for compliance with WPCC regulation 5.3(c) and slowly discharged into the sewage system. Standard operating procedures for cleaning and sanitation of equipment and collection and discharge of processed wastewater shall be filed with WPCC and Veolia Water. Discharge authorization is subject to review in one year.
R. Regan. J. Fisher. No discussion. Unanimous.

J. Baulsir and M. Bernardini departed the meeting at 9:39 pm.

K. Stauffer shared financial statements. Balance as of 2/1/17: $103,851.73. Balance after all bills paid: $56,522.24. Amount due: $46,893.25.

The commission agreed to pay: Aquarion Monthly: $117.65; CBYD (Annual Fee): $59.00; Eversource: $2,796.84; Hocon Gas $30.00; Transcanada: $3,931.40; Veolia CBYD: $30.00; Veolia Monthly January: $27,181.42.

Not yet received:  Frontier,  about $280, Veolia December 2016 Reimbursables (subject to review) $12,746.94.

MOTION: Pay all invoices except Veolia monthly for Feb. 2017 ($27,181.42), Frontier (about $280) and Veolia December 2016 reimbursement ($12,746.94), as subject to the Chairman’s review. R. Regan. T. Eubanks. Unanimous.

–Lumber Yard might be closing.
–Re-Development at Branchville and availability of wastewater treatment facilities: Redding is committed to NOT give up space to other options.
–Julia Pemberton reported at the last brown bag lunch at Town Hall on the Gilbert & Bennett foreclosure process. In arbitration discussion mode: as to who gets what and how much. Sometime over the next few months will have something to bring to the public and give the whole town more information.
–J. Fisher and J. Miller—were not able to go to restaurant owners. But J. Miller has all the photos and stuff needed for a visit.

ITEM 6: No Public Comment

ITEM 7: Motion to adjourn. J. Miller; D. Pattee..

9:50 pm

Submitted by Alice Smith