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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 04/19/2017

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 04/19/2017 4:56pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
April 19, 2017

Present: Jim Miller, Todd Eubanks, David Pattee, Amy Atamian & John Fisher.
Eugene (Gino) Burke & Matthew Bernardini of Veolia Water. Katherine Stauffer (town representative).

T. Eubanks called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm in the Hearing Room of  Town Hall.

ITEM 1:  APPROVAL OF MINUTES of March 15, 2017 meeting
Motion: Approve minutes. No discussion. D. Pattee, A. Atamian. Unanimous.

Veolia reported:
Operational and Maintainance
–Weekly power washing continues of the on-line primary drum screener. This is ongoing. Switching to a new unit next month.
–Internal wasting totaled 34,300 gallons. The addition of PAC creates more sludge.
–Organic backwash of membranes completed.
–6,300 gallons of waste sludge was hauled off site for ultimate disposal.

Regulatory and Compliance
There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of March 2017.
The monitoring of final effluent will now include aluminum, copper, iron, silver and zinc, all of which do not have average monthly limits as per permit regulations. Veolia will keep track of the discharge they find of these metals anyway.

Points of discussion:
-Alarms: Aeration tank level transmitter released a high level alarm. Heat tracer tape unplugged due to the weight of the snow.
-Generator Transfer Switch needed repair. Done by Kinsley Power on-site. Discussion followed regarding continuing a contract with Kinsley. The general consensus by both the commission and Veolia are to look into other generator vendors that provide a summer, fall and winter service along with emergency services. Veolia will look into other vendors.
-UV Transmittance system has been installed. Discussion.
-Blower repair. Soft start to safety settings. The wire melted. But it is fixed and is running perfectly.
-DO & PH probes installation.

Meter discussion provided by M. Bernardini. The commission reviewed paperwork passed around by Veolia.
E. Burke lauded the benefits of having systems fail so they could learn how to do things better. Touched on budget for replacing NIC systems, totaling somewhere around $210,000-$250,000 (SCADA Upgrade sheet). The commission asked about finding the best service and to refine the financial estimate. It was suggested by the commission to review what the original engineering firm who built the system did and charged.

Carbon Quote from Jacobi cost: $17-18,000
Through Jacobi, they were able to drop the forklift fee. The chemistry of the carbon is a little different –it’s a regenerated mix. The warranty is just as long as original bid. Jacobi will install and remove carbon.
The commission does not want people to complain about any smell that may arise in the summer. It was determined that when the commission is ready, they will reach out to E. Burke or M. Bernardini. In the meantime, it is suggested to hold off and make a decision at a later date.

Veolia is adding PAC now. It’s going well and the overall cost is down. Will most likely go up because of phosphorus use on lawns and other spring and summer chemicals. Veolia will report a rolling average month to month. It is now at 0.65–half of what the permit allows.

18 Main Street
The man who owns the house lives in Virginia. The house does not have a meter. The stepfather is the property manager (named Stuart). The town and Veolia has been calling and calling. Both still have not gotten through to the owners to schedule time to get meter installed.

ITEM 3: Black Cat Grille
The Black Cat Grille, prior to the meter replacement, has only been charged $45 a year. The new bill: $14,000 for back sewer charges. Discussion will continue at next meeting.

9:06 pm Veolia leaves.

K. Stauffer reported. Acting chair T. Eubanks agreed to have the town pay Aquarion Monthly $135.61, Aquarion Meter Readings $65.36, Deluca $16.98, Deluca $15.92, Eversource $2,357.65, Frontier $281.21, Hocon Gas, $15.00, Transcanada $3,211.94 and Veolia Monthly March $27,181.42.

MOTION: Pay all invoices except Veolia monthly for April 2017 and Veolia Reimbursable for February. Veolia Reimbursable for January is subject to the Chairman’s review. T. Eubanks. D. Pattee. No Discussion. Unanimous.

D. Pattee shared what he knows about Gilbert and Bennett ongoing litigation. The town has filed for a summary of judgement. He described that there are 3 attachments, each are 600 pages long. Summaries are each 10 pages long. On April 5th, an arbitration discussion was held. At the next meeting there will be a pre-trial conference. Discussion.
J. Fisher and J. Miller followed up on where mop strings may possibly be coming from. They divided visits to: Lombardi’s, Lumberyard, Black Cat Grille, Uncle Leos, Washington Prime and Rancho Allegre.

Lombardi’s does not have a mop sink; they could very well dump in the toilet. The management has told the cleaners, from now on,  to throw water out in back yard. The Lumberyard said they don’t use this kind of mop. They have mop sink with a straining device. The Black Cat Grille has a mop sink with a double screen system, of which nothing can get through. Uncle Leos has not responded. Washington Prime responded. Rancho Allegre was a little put off by the question.

ITEM 6: Public Comment

ITEM 7: Motion to adjourn. D. Pattee; J. Fisher
9:18 pm

Submitted by Alice Smith

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