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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 12/18/2013

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 12/23/2013 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: A. Atamian, T. Eubanks, T. Flagg, J. Miller, D. Pattee, R. Regan, D. Robinson

Also present: Mark Batorski, Scott Towler, Margie Gallegos & George Ciccone (Veolia)

Chairman Regan called the regular meeting of the WPCC to order at 7:38 pm in the Conference Room the Redding Town Hall.


Motion: move that the minutes of the November 20, 2013 meetings be accepted as submitted. Miller, Pattee.  Approved. Unanimous.


A written report was submitted. Veolia representatives highlighted the report and provided additional information.

  • All permit levels were fine.
  • Pac & methanol are not being used
  • Compressor:  the compressor that was causing difficulties is no longer a problem.  One compressor is working and the other is a back-up.
  • Veolia conducted a safety review and there were no problems.  The site was maintained and was in good condition.
  • One UV unit is on and the other is off.
  • Cleaning of membranes: on Nov. 25 the membranes were cleaned (monthly cleaning). Since Layne had not provided an updated O&M manual as yet, the cleaning was run manually.  Some adjustments to the computer program are needed for the membrane cleaning to run properly.
  • Veolia is continuing to work with Layne to complete the membrane project installation. Bruce from NIC is working with Vijay from Layne on adjustments and programing of the system.  The work that Bruce (NIC) is doing is being billed directly to Layne per the contract.
  • Collection system: an alarm at the Main Street Pump station was set off, and the cause was determined to be an accumulation of grit.  That pump has been scheduled for cleaning.
  • Veolia is continuing work on behalf of the WPCC to make sure that Layne provides the necessary information for their membranes and a complete O&M manual.
  • Veolia is also working on a critical spare list that will include level transmitters and roof filters.
  • Veolia will make a recommendation for a spare actuator in the basement of the membrane building. Currently there is no spare. If this piece of equipment were to fail the plant would be completely shut down.
  • Overall the new membrane project is about 80% complete. The remaining 20% is primarily adjustments to the control systems.

Commission members discussed the importance of the O&M manual and final adjustments to the computer programing for operation and maintenance of the membranes.  Final payment to Layne for the project has not been made as yet.

Chairman Regan will submit a letter, prepared with the assistance of Veolia, with a “punchlist” of items to be completed and the completion of the O&M manual.  The Commission members also agreed that completion should include a complete testing of the systems, including possible scenarios and the cleaning process.  This should be performed prior to making final payment on the contract with Layne.


Mr. Batorski reported that the old membranes have been disassembled and cleaned. The last of the material will be delivered to the Transfer Station by the end of this week.


Mr. Miller reported the Service Contract with Veolia for utility mark-out services was signed in November.  GIS maps have been provided of the area.  He added that in the past year, there has only been one call for mark out.  That call was for a manhole cover problem on the Meadow Ridge Collection line.  Meadow Ridge will be billed for expenses for that mark out and for the replacement of manhole cover.


Mr. Batorski provided an update on the meters that could not be read or have no readings:

  • 58 Redding Road, Black Cat, this meter has been connected. The business is now open and should begin to show usage.
  • 6 Portland Avenue, Georgetown Firehouse, the meter had been disconnected by the Fire Department.  A new meter is needed for this building.
  • 18 Main Street, house on the hill, not resolved as yet
  • 20 Portland Avenue, Landmark Academy, remote read meter is now working
  • 73 Redding Road, Georgetown Professional Center, meter has been located in the basement and can be read.


Mr. Miller worked with Mrs. Lepoutre to analyze the usage for commercial properties over the past three years.  Current allocation to the Georgetown users is 30,000 gallons per day (gpd).  Currently the actual Georgetown area usage is 9,759 gpd for commercial and residential properties.  This usage will increase with the approved allocations for three properties:

  • Black Cat Grill, 1,400 gpd
  • Minny Vinny, 400 gpd
  • 19 Main Street, 3,000 gpd

The WPCC is also holding in reserve the historical actual usage of the Georgetown Saloon, 1,086 gpd.  The property is currently bank owned, is equipped as a restaurant with apartments on the upper level.

A reserve, of 3,000 gpd, is also held for those existing commercial ventures which may exceed their current allocations.

Current allocations:

Allocation, gallons per day Actual usage, as of 12/18/13
Meadow Ridge facility 45,000 46,200
GLDC/GSTD 170,000 40
Georgetown 30,000 18,645**includes new allocation and reserve

Discussion of the Town of Redding’s newly approved Incentive Housing Plan followed.  The Plan has been submitted to the State of Connecticut for approval. The Plan includes a proposal or development of three parcels in the Georgetown area on Old Mill Road.  The three parcels are designated as first floor light commercial and second floor housing, with a total of 53 housing units, 11 of which would be “affordable units”.  Mr. Pattee noted that if the housing units each contained two bedrooms, the assigned usage for 106 bedrooms, at 75 gpd per bedroom, would be 7,950 gpd. This number does not take into account the potential usage for the commercial developments on the first floor.  Mr. Miller forwarded this information to the Planning Commission and the First Selectman.


The Commission members discussed the GLDC/GSTD “delta” payment amount, how it was calculated and adjustments to the amount.  No decisions were made. This will be an agenda item for the meeting in January.


The balance in the Usage account as of December 13, 2013 is $92,927.85

Open invoices were reviewed.

  1.  AT&T, 12/17/2013, $240.84
  2.  CL&P, 12/17/13, $2,461.95
  3.  Transcanada, 12/17/2013,$4,333.27
  4.  Veolia, for October hauling cost, 11/21/2013, $10,509.10
  5.  Veolia monthly services for November  2013, for  $26,107.35
  6.  Veolia Reimbursables for October, 11/21/13, $ 22,574.32

TOTAL, $ 66,226.83

Motion: move to approve payment of invoices listed above. Pattee, Robinson. Approved. Unanimous.

Invoices not approved:

  • Veolia monthly invoice for December,  $26,107.35

The amount due from GLDC, as of December 1, 2013, $1,258,472.18

The current balance in the Assessment Account is $23,655.23

Board of Finance loans to WPCC as of December 13, 2013 is $1,175,713.75


Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. Pattee, Atamian. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Maday, Recording Secretary