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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 07/19/2017

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 07/24/2017 9:37am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
July 19, 2017

Present: Rich Regan, Amy Atamian, John Fisher, & Jim Miller. K. Stauffer, Eugene (Gino) Burke, Matthew Bernardini, & John Oatley of Veolia Water.

R. Regan called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall Building.

ITEM 1:  APPROVAL OF MINUTES of June 21, 2017 Meeting

MOTION: Approve minutes. R. Regan asked for three edits to the notes. He asked to add the words “to digital” to the end of the sentence “M. Bernardini and J. Oatley suggested replacing and upgrading the PLC cabinets”, to remove the word “acting” from the sentence “Acting chair R. Regan agreed to have the town pay…”, and to add “from users are collected” to the end of the sentence “R. Regan stated the Town of Redding pays…”. R. Regan. J. Fisher. J. Miller abstain. Unanimous.

Veolia reported:

Operational and Maintenance
– Weekly Power Washing of the On-Line Primary Drum Screener continues.
– Internal wasting totaled 28,133 gallons.
– Organic backwash of membranes completed on June 6th.
– Roof fans in blower room and chemical storage area replaced.
– 6,542 gallons of waste sludge was hauled off site for disposal.

Regulatory and Compliance
– There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of June 2017.
– The plant is staying within the allowable effluent total phosphorus lbs. per day.

– “Low Water Temperature” alarm on the generator. Block heater replaced by Kinsley Power.

Call Before You Dig (CBYD)
Meadow Ridge on June 14th. No mark out.

Other Updates
– M.Bernardini suggested the lighting in the membrane room needs to be replaced. A quote has not been obtained yet. An estimate of $3,000 to upgrade to LED lighting was suggested.
– M. Bernardini stated sub-contractors like Lane or NIC do not have remote access to the plant. NIC suggested putting one of the SCADA computers onto a server with a firewall to aid with this. A quote can be obtained.
– E. Burke stated Kingsley Power is still under contract to repair generator till the end of the year. Quotes can be obtained from competitors.
– J. Miller asked if Sal was contacted about screening macerator at Meadow Ridge. Ridgefield Plumbing is supposed to check periodically. E. Burke and M. Bernardini stated they will check it out.
– J. Oatley prepared a report on the PLC Failure.
– J. Oatley stated Veolia’s electrical engineer visited the plant and made three suggestions: convert the analog PLC’s to digital, install isolators on copper wiring, and install a power monitoring system.
– J. Oatley stated the isolator installation was quoted at $10,000.
– J. Miller asked if a quote was given for the overall PLC upgrade.
– M. Bernardini stated two panels were quoted at $45,000. J. Oatley stated this project will be a six-figure upgrade.

MOTION: Veolia of North America should supply a project plan that includes design, engineering, installation quotation, plant downtime estimation, project management, and Veolia’s services. J. Miller. A. Atamian. No Discussion. Unanimous.

A. Atamian asked what the time component for the PLC upgrade will be. J. Oatley answered that the project will take less than a year but longer than a couple of months.
– J. Oatley stated that Veolia is in a better position to get plant up and running after a power failure/PLC problem. A 24-to-48-hour turnaround is now realistic.
– Discussion on how Veolia should proceed with plan.
– R. Regan asked to return to the isolator installation.

MOTION: Veolia should proceed with getting a price for the isolator work to protect the PLC’s. Discussion: J. Fisher asked Veolia about the function of the isolators. R. Regan. J. Miller. Unanimous

– R. Regan asked if anyone wanted to make a motion on the power monitoring system. Discussion followed. M. Bernardini will contact the electrician and Eversource for quotes on the system.
– M. Bernardini asked what kind of parts should be stockpiled at plant (PLC parts). Everything can be replaced one time with current supplies. Discussion followed.

MOTION: Drop the original motion to authorize Veolia to proceed with getting a price for the isolator work to protect the PLC’s. A. Atamian. R. Regan. Unanimous. No Discussion.

MOTION: Authorize Veolia to proceed on installation of isolators as long as the cost does not exceed $12,000. A. Atamian. J. Fisher. Unanimous.

J. Oatley stated that everything was done to protect the environment during the plant shutdown.
– E. Burke stated the dip tank cleaning will be occurring over the next two weeks. Discussion followed.
– J. Miller as how the activated carbon is working. J. Oatley answered it is working well.

Veolia has no more comments.

8:55PM Veolia Leaves

The financial discussion began with K. Stauffer discussing billing. $74,210.39 are owed, most of which is owed by Meadow Ridge.

MOTION: Request the transfer of the balance of $12,450 left in the 2016-2017 approved appropriation for the WPCC. Discussion: Steve Gniadek (Finance Director) suggested this motion. R. Regan. A. Atamian. Unanimous.

MOTION: Pay all eleven items in FY 2016-2017: Abel Womack $479.59, Aquarion Meter Readings $70.95, Aquarion Monthly $170.59, Eversource $2,129.90, Hocon Gas $15.00, Transcanada $3,885.56, Town Clerk $120.00, Veolia Meter Readings $465.85, Veolia Monthly – June $27,181.42, Veolia Reimbursable – April $14,635.60, and Veolia Reimbursable – May $6,680.78. R. Regan. J. Miller. Unanimous.

MOTION: Pay three items in FY 2017-2018: Deluca Hardware $67.98, Frontier $289.86, and Quality Data Service $1,050.00. Do not pay Veolia Monthly- July. R. Regan. J. Fisher. Unanimous.

ITEM 4: Commision Member Comments
J. Miller has reviewed the PLC Failure incident that started on June 15th and ended on June 30th. He would like to share the report with the whole commission when everyone is present.
– J. Fisher discussed the membranes age and anticipation of replacing them. He also mentioned stockpiling screens.
– K. Stauffer stated the apartments above the Georgetown Saloon are doing maintenance work.
The work includes sprinkler installation. The people doing the work wanted to know what they would need to bring to the WPCC. R. Regan responded that the maintenance work does not need to be reported in this particular instance.
– J. Fisher asked about the brewery. K. Stauffer responded that no construction or other work has happened yet.
– A. Atamian asked about the Black Cat Grille’s usage. K. Stauffer said the readings were correct. Discussion followed.

ITEM 5. Public Comment


Motion: J. Miller, A. Atamian. No Discussion. Unanimous.


Submitted by Zachary Smith