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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 08/16/2017

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 08/21/2017 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
August 16, 2017

Present: John Fisher, Amy Atamian, David Patee, Todd Eubanks, Jim Miller. Gino Burke & Matthew Bernardini of Veolia Water

Todd Eubanks called the meeting at 7:30pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall Building.

ITEM 1: APPROVAL OF MINUTES of July 19, 2017 Meeting
MOTION: Approve minutes, J. Miller asks for correction to Item #4 on previous minutes to change “stockpiling screens” to “stockpiling membrane cartridges”. T. Eubanks abstain. Unanimous

Veolia reported:

-Weekly Power Washing of the On-Line Primary Drum Screener continues.
-Internal wasting totaled an estimated 7500 gallons
-Flow meter has been calibrated and load testing on the hoist has met compliance standards according to OSHA.

-There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of July 2017
-The plant is staying within the allowable effluent total phosphorus lbs. per day

-Veolia reported a broken belt on one of the air compressors. This was fixed in house.

-G. Burke and M. Bernardini will be visiting Sal at Meadow Ridge site regarding screening macerator.
-M. Bernardini stated they never brought bugs into the plant and didn’t reseed. J. Miller challenged this information. M. Bernardini clarified that it was a discussion but not an action item.
-M. Bernardini stated that Veolia is still working on a proposal for the PLC upgrade. Veolia should have a plan proposal by the September 2017 meeting. It is taking more time than originally discussed.
-J. Fisher asked if Veolia could present a copy of the proposal to the committee earlier than the meeting date. M. Bernardini said this would not be likely to happen.
-M. Bernardini stated that Veolia is getting bids from multiple venders in order to have the most comprehensive, cost effective, and adequate proposal.
-T. Eubanks stated that the proposal would include the cost estimates associated with the projects from multiple venders. M. Bernardini agreed this would be inclusive.
-M. Bernardini stated that Veolia highly recommended that the power monitoring procedure take place to take notice of any fluctuations coming in from the stream.
-A. Atamian asked Veolia if they asked Eversource if they would provide necessary equipment to do so. Veolia replied they will not do that.
-Veolia referred to bid on power monitoring and continued to suggest that obtaining a power meter would make it easier to rectify a fluctuation problem.
-John Oatley will explain vendor selection and pricing at the September 2017 meeting.
-J. Miller asked what recourse would be if consistent surges occurred. M. Bernardini stated it could be taken a step further and legal action could be taken for damages.
-D.Pattee asked if the isolators would be able to be converted with the new system. M. Bernardini stated the analog system could possibly stay intact. Clarification will be given at the September 2017 meeting.
-A. Atamian asked for clarification on the Isolator estimate. Due to grounding issues, the Isolator bid has increased but not to exceed $12,000.
-T. Eubanks stated that the installation of the Isolators would require a shutdown. M. Bernardini stated this would not be the case.
-M. Bernadini said the PLC upgrade would definitely require a shut down of 10-11 days.
-T. Eubanks asked if the proposal includes cost associated with shut down, M. Bernadini confirmed it does.
-J. Miller stated the estimate of the project proposal, including the downtime and hauling, must be accurate and comprehensive, as it needs to be presented to the town for review.
-M. Bernardini stated that Veolia is aware they are being held to the number they put forth in the estimate.
-M. Bernardini suggests installation of a permanent transfer pump into the wet well before the start of the PLC project. Project estimation of $8000
-M. Bernardini stated the covers for the lights (as discussed in previous meeting) are old, in violation, and discontinued and need to be replaced with LED covers. Not replacing could result in an OSHA violation.

MOTION: Commission will accept Veolia’s bid from Pure Power to replace the overhead lighting in the membrane room. The cost will not exceed the quoted amount. A. Atamian and D. Pattee. J. Fisher abstains. Motion passes.

–M. Bernardini suggests the sooner the better in regards to the power meter. The data from the power meter would be useful in collecting information regarding plant fluctuations.
-D. Patee raises concerns about only having data for a month and the how discrepancy-skewed data could be interpreted.
-M. Bernardini stated one month of data would be enough and Veolia has clear indicators.
-Estimation of project for power monitoring is $10,000. M. Bernardini says he feels this system is essential.
-J. Miller states it is better to wait until September to get more information on the project.
-M. Bernardini will forward an email to WPCC with a comprehensive Power Meter explanation and expense before September meeting.
-Computers are still running off Windows XP. This is discussed as a security issue. An upgrade to Windows 7 or 10 is being discussed. This upgrade will not take place before upgrade.

8:24pm Veolia Leaves

-Jeff Mose presents plans for 8 Main Street.
-Commission decides to maintain existing allocation for the project. The allocation needs to be revisited in one year, after operations have been established.

-T. Eubanks stated discrepancy in actual balance vs balance shown on spreadsheet. T. Eubanks will follow up with Katherine.
-Total of $64,018.03 needs to be paid out.
-J. Miller raised concern about Meadow Ridge CBYD call. The invoice charge of $105 is supposed to be $15. J. Miller raised concern of why one call charge is $75 vs other being $15.
-T. Eubanks stated that Katherine will bill Meadow Ridge for CBYD service call.

MOTION: Commission will approve all invoices (Aquarion Monthly $258.38, Veolia Reimbursable June $29,595.06, Deluca Hardware $19.97, Eversource $2,167.85, Frontier $285.52, Hocon Gas $15.00, Jim Miller $53.17, Jim Miller $4.69, Jim Miller 3.35, Transcanada $4,238.62, Zach Smith $90.00) with the exception of Veolia monthly August reimbursable, and the Veoila reimbursable June subject to subsequent review by Rich Reagan, Chairman. T. Eubanks, A. Atamian. Unanimous

MOTION: Commission will authorize CBYD under the condition that it is billed separately to Meadow Ridge. T. Eubanks, A. Atamian. Unanimous

-J. Miller wrote a letter and a sequence of events timeline, with the assistance of Veiola, pertaining to the events beginning on June 15. The letter was reviewed and approved by town council for sending to Lane, claiming liability.
– The WWPC approved the cover letter and noted the change as discussed in the email.
-J. Miller stated the plant was without bugs for over a week.
-John Oatley was asked for all costs associated with the June 15 incident. Discussion followed.
-J. Miller stated the Board of Finance is aware that the expenses accrued are over $100,000, although this is an estimate.


MOTION: D. Pattee, J. Miller. No Discusssion. Unanimous

9: 06pm
Submitted by Kimberly Keil

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