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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 09/20/2017

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 09/25/2017 8:30am

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Regular Meeting
September 20, 2017

Present: Richard Regan, Amy Atamian, David Patee, Todd Eubanks, and Jim Miller. Gino Burke, Matthew Bernardini, John Oatley of Veolia Water

Todd Eubanks called the meeting at 7:32pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall Building.

ITEM 1: APPROVAL OF MINUTES of August 16, 2017 Meeting

MOTION: Approve minutes, J. Miller asks for correction to
-Item #7 under “Other Updates”, change from stream to utility company.
-Item #14 under “Other Updates”, change from stated to “ask why”
-Add in “power” to line, “regarding plant power fluctuations”.
-Under Commission Member Comments change spelling of Veolia, counsel and WPCC. D.Patee (motion), A.Atamian, T. Eubanks, J. Miller, R.Regan abstains

ITEM 2: APPROVAL OF MINUTES of emergency meeting on August 3, 2017. A.Atamian (motion), R. Regan (second), D. Patee & T. Eubanks abstain.

Veolia reported:

-Weekly Power Washing of the On-Line Primary Drum Screener continues.
-Internal wasting totaled 47,508 gallons
-6,634 gallons of waste sludge was hauled off site for disposal
-Pump station was cleaned by vac truck.
-Membrane backwash was done.
-HACH representative replaced UV wiper for transmittance system.
-Overhead lighting in membrane/effluent room replaced with LED’s.
-Polymer pump for sludge thickening replaced.

-There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of August 2017
-The plant is staying within the allowable effluent total phosphorus pounds per day

-G. Burke went to Meadow Ridge to check systems. G. Burke reports system is working fine and the grinder and downstream screen is doing a good job.
-D. Pattee stated Veolia is still finding mop strains in system.
-J. Miller suggested changing the use of mops within the system & the cleaning of the mops.
-An inspector from the state of Connecticut showed up unannounced on site. She walked around, looked at paperwork, and walked through. She was pleased with plant operations.
-G. Burke stated the pump station was cleaned out. This was due to sludge sediment. No rocks were noticed.
-M. Bernardini stated Veolia experienced sediment buildup in the main line. He suggested the cleaning of town lines and that the town is due for the maintenance. Currently there is a 10-15% increase in water flow in wet weather conditions. The commission asked for clarification of when the last time the lines were cleaned. G. Burke will communicate that information.
-J. Miller asked how water infiltrates, if in fact the manholes are sealed airtight. J. Oatley explained that the water gets around the pipe joints or if there is a defect in the pipe. M. Bernardini stated he feels the town is due for such cleaning and Veolia can provide quote.
-G. Burke stated Veolia would be completing a complete shutdown for membrane cleaning during the second week of November. He stated he will inform the commission and invite members to the plant to see the process.
-M. Bernardini stated Michael Bush requested he be present during the cleaning. He will be doing this at his cost. He is curious how the dip is done and how quick the recovery takes place. M. Bush requested 2-3 week notice. J. Miller will be present when M. Bush comes out for inspection. Dates will be scheduled and coordinated with commission.
-J. Miller asked if Veolia would provide photographic evidence (before/after/under) of the cleaning of the membrane racks. G. Burke confirmed Veolia would absolutely do that according to what the commission deems acceptable.
-R.Regan and J.Miller gave an update about the Lane/Michael Bush situation.

Veolia Presentation: Matthew Johnson (Veolia engineer)
~M. Johnson presents plans for recommendations for 20 year facility planning and upgrade of control system. Veolia handout to commission

Main Points:
-Plant/equipment needs to be updated to new/current technology.
-Losing power six times in six months is atypical. This indicates changes need to be made.
-D. Pattee asked how should the commission go about fixing a problem that is in fact an Eversource problem. J. Oatley stated the commission will likely need to present themselves and the issues to the power company.
-The project plan is a “design to build” approach. Including diagrams, graphics, and all-inclusive updates.
-M. Johnson stated the planning, phasing, and execution and doing of the project could take approximately a year.
-The shut down will be a week total time, time can be phased “two days here, two days there”.
-Security of network (upgrading to Windows 10) is something that needs to be done.
-A. Atamian states concern over the vulnerability of the outdated system and hackers. She asked if security can be prioritized by Veolia. Veolia stated the security upgrades can be made a priority.
-J. Miller asked about hiring Veolia vs. hiring 3rd party vendors.
-M. Johnson explained the logistics and timeframe would extend the project, as well as the apprehensions about using companies that don’t have any preexisting knowledge of the plant.
-J.Miller stated, the commission needs to present to the Board of Selectman/Board of Finance present project plans. This is a time sensitive issue and the risk is not worth the wait time/delay of bidding the project.
-A.Atamian asked about project schedule/timeline. No definitive project schedule has been made. The framework of the project, getting all parties in agreement takes time.
-Veolia pricing will be incorporated into the project plan. M. Johnson will clarify all expenses.
-Project plan/pricing will be sent via email to commission.

MOTION: Commission will authorize Veolia to engage 3rd party to install equipment to monitor incoming power. Commission will pay for the work from a direct charge from Veolia. R. Regan (motion), T. Eubanks (second), Unanimous

MOTION: Commission will obtain updated pricing from Veolia (less power monitoring), price, and timeline for plant project. J. Miller (motion) ,T. Eubanks (second), Unanimous.

(9:31 pm) Veolia Leaves


MOTION: Commission requests a transfer from the Town of Redding for $60,000. R. Regan (motion), T. Eubanks (second). Unanimous.

MOTION: Commission will approve all invoices (Aquarion Monthly $162.91, Veolia August $27,181.42, Eversource $2,098.78, Frontier $285.52, Hocon Gas $15.00, Mitchell $470.44, New Fairfield Press $118.00, Post Office $62.00, Town Clerk $60.00, Transcanada $4,057.46) with the exception of Veolia monthly July reimbursable, R. Reagan (motion),T. Eubanks (second). Unanimous

–A. Atamian is going to upgrade Capital Plan. Katherine will email her required documents.


MOTION: T. Eubanks (motion), J. Miller (second). No Discussion. Unanimous

Submitted by Kim Keil