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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 08/21/2019

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 08/28/2019 9:06am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

WEDNESDAY, 8/21/2019

Filed subject to approval.

Amy Atamian, Chair; Todd Eubanks, Vice Chair; Dave Pattee; Jim Miller; Kirby Klump; Rich Regan (7:38PM)

Also Present:
Eugene Burke, Veolia Water; Jason Stevens, 23 Brookside Road

Chair Atamian called the meeting to order at 7:35PM.

Mr. Eubanks said he was present for the meeting and is not listed as present on the minutes. He said this should be edited.

Chair Atamian said on item #4, she asked Milone and Macbroom for a ballpark on construction. She said the addition of the word construction should be added to that discussion.

Mr. Eubanks said that the word borings was spelled incorrectly and that it shouldn’t have an “e” in it.

Mr. Eubanks made a motion to approve the minutes of the Wednesday, July 17, 2019 meeting with the edits mentioned. Mr. Klump Seconded the motion. There were five yes votes (Atamian, Eubanks, Pattee, Miller, and Klump) and one absent (Regan). The motion carried.

Eugene Burke addressed the WPCC.

Noteworthy Operational Information/Maintenance and PM
– Weekly power washing of the on-line primary drum screener.
– Wasted 63,626 gallons of sludge from recycle wet well to the GBT.
– 24,224 gallons of waste removed for off-site disposal.
– Performed organics recovery dip twice.
– Solenoid replacement for drum screener #2 was completed.
– Received chemicals for membrane cleaning.
– Compressors annual hours service completed.

Regulatory & Compliance
– There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of July 2019.

Health and Safety
– Veolia Water monthly safety training topics conducted in July 2019 included Crane Safety.
– The project has completed 17 years with no safety incidents.

– Pump station high level alarm – everything normal

– Redding Road at Meadow Ridge – no mark out required
– 15 North Main Street – no mark out required
– 100 Redding Road – no mark out required
– 115 Redding Road – no mark out required
– 52 Old Georgetown Road – no mark out required

Points for Discussion

Mr. Burke said there was a power interruption that caused a compressor to turn off. He said that production halted during this time. He said the generator didn’t come on during this time. He explained that the duration of time of the power interruption can affect the functioning of the generator. Discussion followed concerning this.

Mr. Burke said the Annual Chronic Toxicity Testing happened. He said the river sampling before the plant and effluent discharge from the plant were compliant with regulations.

Mr. Burke asked the WPCC about the Transfer Pump replacement. He obtained two quotes, one from Control Systems of Connecticut, Inc. for $20,507.00, and one from Traver IDC for $25,000 for the replacement and installation of a new pump.

Mr. Regan asked Mr. Burke to clarify which pump this is. Mr. Burke said this pump is in the basement and functions to pump sludge into trucks for haul away. There is currently another pump that is doing the job of this pump.

Mr. Pattee asked if parts are being replaced on the pump or is it a total replacement. Mr. Burke said a new unit ends up being cheaper most of the time than replacing parts due to the cost of parts and labor.

Mr. Miller said the quote from Control Systems of Connecticut, Inc. does not include labor, whereas the Traver IDC quote includes labor. Mr. Burke said he will talk to Control Systems of Connecticut, Inc. about this.

Mr. Burke discussed the overhead heater in the primary building that needs replacement. He handed out the quote from Pure Power Electric LLC.

Mr. Eubanks asked why there was a wait for action on the heater. Chair Atamian said the WPCC was waiting until the new fiscal year to make a decision.

Mr. Regan asked if there was more than one quote. Mr. Burke said there was only one quote because there is only one manufacturer of the type of explosion-proof heater necessary for the room. He continued by saying that very few electrical contractors work in explosion-proof environments.

Mr. Burke informed the WPCC about a drum screener quote from Municipal Maintenance. He said only one drum screener is currently operational. He said that it would be prudent to fix the broken drum screener so that a backup exists.

Mr. Pattee asked about the quote for the Drum Screener. Mr. Burke said the unit that needs to be replaced is $18,670 and the other unit that is operational is closer to $25,000.

Mr. Regan asked if the drum screeners are different now or the same. Mr. Burke confirmed that the drum screeners are the same now.

Chair Atamian made a motion to approve purchase and installation of the drum screener for the quoted price of $18,670 and for the explosion-proof heater for the not-to-exceed amount of $7,500, anticipating a new quote. Mr. Eubanks seconded the motion. Mr. Pattee said that working in chemical plants, when one thing is broken, other items could also break. The vote was unanimous, and the motion carried.

Mr. Pattee asked Mr. Burke if there have been any odor complaints from any residents. Mr. Burke said he has not heard anything. Mr. Pattee informed him that the Georgetown Package Store has smelled a “strange” smell for weeks. Mr. Burke said the pump station is right outside of the store and that he will check it out.

Mr. Burke asked his contact at the CT DEEP, Susan Unger, about adding another user to the sewer system. He said the new user cannot exceed 11,500 gallons per day.

Mr. Eubanks asked if this was a per-individual or per-business daily usage. Mr. Burke said this was on an individual household basis.

Mr. Burke said he will confirm that the information Susan Unger at CT DEEP provided him is correct.

Mr. Regan asked Mr. Burke if he had a chance to look at the Sewer Map Design. Mr. Burke said he did not get a chance to do this but will add it to his agenda.

Mr. Miller asked Mr. Burke if he visited 23 Brookside Road. Mr. Burke said he did not look at the home.

Jason Stevens of 23 Brookside Road addressed the WPCC. He explained the location of his home.

Mr. Stevens said there is a sewer cap on his road.

Mr. Regan shared an email he wrote to the WPCC. He said that the WPCC could expand the district if there is a request from a resident to become part of it (hookup). He cited CT General Statute Title 7, Chaper 103, Section 7-246a as the guideline for how Mr. Stevens would apply. He said that there is an assessment fee to join the district, paid over five to ten years, and a hookup fee that would be paid at the time of installation.

Mr. Pattee and Mr. Regan discussed how Mr. Stevens property should be assessed. Mr. Regan said that the policy for the Georgetown Sewer District states the assessment is based on 5.7% of the assessed value of the home that is being connected. This is separate from the hookup fee. Mr. Pattee said this assessment is based on access to the sewer system, and Mr. Stevens would have to do extensive installation to connect to the sewer system.

Discussion followed concerning how to assess Mr. Stevens property and how to connect it to the sewer system.

Mr. Miller said that Mr. Stevens needs to submit a letter requesting access to the sewer district. Chair Atamian said that he could start working on the various permits that will be necessary to complete this project.

Mr. Regan said he will ask Pat Moisio how to properly assess Mr. Steven’s home/sewer line hookup.

Mr. Regan asked if he should reach out to someone about having a public hearing concerning Mr. Steven’s sewer hookup. Mr. Miller suggested speaking with town council

The WPCC discussed the usage and needed clarification from Katherine Stauffer about various items.

Mr. Miller tabled this item until the next meeting.

Mr. Pattee approved all invoices except the Veolia Monthly for August 2019. Mr. Eubanks seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous, and the motion carried.

The bills to be paid are as follows:

Veolia CBYD – June, $45.00
Veolia Reimbursable – June 2019, $5,435.01
Aquarion Monthly, $887.59
Eversource, $4,831.39
Frontier, $316.61
Hocon Gas, $15.00
Oak Ridge Hauling, $160.37
Veolia Monthly – July 2019, $28,245.42
Veolia CBYD – July, $75.00

Mr. Miller informed the WPCC that he will be attending court next week for the Small Claims Case. He explained how things are moving forward.

Chair Atamian asked for the agenda item of hookup fees be added to the next WPCC meeting.

Chair Atamian received a phone call from the Ridgefield Press about the Georgetown Sewer District. She said that Ridgefield is moving ahead with a Branchville Development Plan.

Chair Atamian opened the floor to public comment. No members of the public were present to comment.

Mr. Pattee made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Regan seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous, and the motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20PM.

Submitted by,
Zachary Smith

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