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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 12/18/2019

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 12/19/2019 4:48pm
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
December 18, 2019

Present: A. Atamian, T. Eubanks, D. Pattee, R. Regan, K. Klump

Also Present: Katherine Stauffer WPCC Administrator, John Oatley and Carlos Pavia of Veolia Water. Jason Stevens of 23 Brookside Rd

Amy Atamian called the meeting to order at 7:35pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall Building.

ITEM 1: APPROVAL OF the MINUTES of the November 20, 2019 meeting.

Item 3, Bullet 4: “T. Eubanks pointed out that since the Stevens’ are paying for the work to be done, the cost of the work may offset any assessment and hookup fees.

MOTION: Approve the minutes from the November 20, 2019 meeting,  D. Pattee(motion),K. Klump(second). Passed unanimously. 


Executive Summary
The Redding wastewater treatment and disposal facility achieved full compliance with the CT DEEP NPDES permitted effluent discharge limitations.  The new membranes continue to operate very well and produce a very high quality effluent discharge.

Plant Staff
Chief Operator:       Eugene Burke   CT Grade 2
Chief Operator:       Carlos Paiva   CT Grade 4
Operator:                 Trevor Steeprock         CT Grade 3

Health and Safety
Veolia Water monthly safety training topics conducted in November 2019 included:

  • Cold Stress and Winter Safety

 The project has completed 17 years with no safety incidents.  

Noteworthy Operational Information / Maintenance and PM

  • Weekly power washing of the on-line primary drum screener.
  • Wasted 11,215 gallons of sludge from recycle wet well to the GBT
  • Completed organic and inorganic recovery chemical cleaning on both membrane trains.
  • UV system off until April 2020
  • EPA sampled wells in field on 11-5 and 11-6.
  • HI Stone removed 19,500 gallons of sludge and Pupper Septic removed 4,000 gallons of sludge for off-site disposal during membrane recovery dips.

Regulatory & Compliance
 There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of November 2019.



Points for Discussion

  • Mr. Oatley stated that he did receive the final power study results and a quote to fix the problem. He will send them to Katherine via email to circulate to the commission.
  • Mr. Oatley stated that NIC had come out to do some work on the SCADA because there had been issues with the Windows 10 Upgrade. An invoice from them had gotten through to the WPCC Reimbursables even though the work was under warranty. The cost will be credited on next month’s reimbursable.
  • Ms. Atamian asked John if there are any things the plant will need in the upcoming year as the budget is being worked on. He will send out a list of things that may help the plant in the future.
  • The commission asked if there was a way to give more water to one membrane tank to another. The membranes are 7 years old. Mr. Oatley explained that when they tried that, one tank got very thick and that the membranes work better when they have equal flow going through them. Mr. Pattee stated that the WPCC may need to buy one module at a time and put into storage so when it comes time for the entire membrane system to be replaced, it will not be a huge upfront cost.  Discussion continued.
  • Membrane cleaning was done and Mr. Regan asked if there were any loose membrane strands that showed dividing. Mr. Oatley explained that although there were a few loose strands, nothing showed evidence of wearing. Once the membrane cleaning was completed, the membranes looked as good as new.

Veolia left at 8:00

ITEM #3: Discussion on 23 Brookside Road Request for Sewer Hookup

  • Mr. Stevens got a quote of about $15k to run a line from the house, up the side of the street, to the manhole. Mr. Regan stated that they should be sure of this cost based on the work that needs to be done and to be sure they hire a qualified engineer to plan the work.
  • Jeff Hanson stated it was all public property.
  • Mr. Regan asked if Mr. Stevens has had his well tested, he has but was told there should be something done to seal and secure the well since it is in the basement. The well water was also tested when they moved into the house. He also has a UV system installed.
  • R. Regan states there is a $5,000 connection fee and also an assessment fee.
    • There are two things that have to be figured out:
      • Approve that the district should include 23 Brookside Rd
      • Decide whether or not what Mr. Stevens is paying will offset the cost of the fees.
  • Assessment is to hook up to the line that is outside of the home.
    • Mr. Pattee stated that if Mr. Stevens is supplying both the line to the house and the hookup, should he have to pay either the assessment or hookup fees.
  • Mr. Regan read the regulations regarding hookup fees
    • Discussion followed
  • Mr. Pattee explained that the assessment charge was initially created to pay back the State for a loan given to us. Each user was assessed based on the value of the property and had to pay a percentage of that.
    • The $5,000 hookup fee will supersede the assessment.
    • The WPCC would use that $5,000 to install a meter and remote reader. Also, for future capital expenditures.
    • Discussion followed
  • The Commission asked Mr. Stevens to get an exact plan together to be approved by Jeff Hanson, Highway Superintendent; Doug Hartline, Health Inspector; and the WPCC.
  • R. Regan will wait to hear back from Selectwoman Pemberton regarding whether or not expanding the district by one property needs to go to a Town Meeting. Katherine will speak with Julia.


  • Salary & Wages: Increase from $22,000 to $22,550
  • Recording Secretary: Decrease from $1,200 to $1,080
  • Contract Services: Increase from $345,000 to $352,000
  • Computer Services: Leave at $7,000
  • Outside Services: Leave at $10,000
  • General Legal: Leave at $2,000
  • Lab Services/Supplies: Leave at $25,000
  • Sludge Disposal: Increase from $18,000 to $27,000
  • Telephone: Leave at $3,700
  • Postage: Leave at $75
  • Legal Notices: Leave at $300
  • Electric Services: Leave at $85,000
  • Maintenance & Repair: Leave at $65,000
  • Fuel Oil/Propane: Increase from $4,000 to $8,000
  • Materials & Supplies: Decrease from $22,000 to $15,000
  • Pump Station: Leave at $10,000
  • Water Utility: Increase from $2,850 to $4,000
  • All Other Expenses: Leave at $1,000

Motion: R. Regan. To approve draft budget for 20-21 with changes made, subject to email circulation for verification. Second: T. Eubanks. Passed unanimously.

Amy will send proposed budget via email.


MOTION: Approve all invoices except Little Blue Construction subject to Katherine speaking with business owner. T. Eubanks (motion) K. Klump (second). Approved Unanimously.

MOTION: Request a transfer of $85,000 from the BOF. R. Regan(motion), T. Eubanks(second). Approved unanimously.

  • Aquarion Monthly: $506.04
  • Eversource: $6,596.19
  • Frontier: $304.21
  • Hocon: $15.00
  • Hocon Gas: $1,375.82
  • Hocon Gas: $1,618.52
  • Oak Ridge Hauling: $160.37
  • Veolia Monthly-November 2019: $28,245.42
  • Veolia Reimbursable- October 2019: $7,141.08
  • Little Blue Construction sent a bill for all plowing done in last fiscal year in the beginning of November 2019. Katherine has two phone calls in to the business owner to discuss why the bill was sent out so late. Service dates also do not all match records the Highway Department has. Katherine will also speak with the finance department regarding the fact that these services were provided last fiscal year. This invoice will not be paid until Katherine speaks with all concerned parties.
  • Mr. Pattee asked that Katherine call Santa Fuel about their propane cost.
  • The collection agency, TaxServ, has sent out their first letter to delinquent accounts and will be sending out another one on January 1.
  • Mr. Turnier, owner of 18 Main St, is up to date on his small claims payments.




MOTION: D. Pattee (motion) T. Eubanks(second) Approved unanimous

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30pm

Submitted by Katherine Stauffer

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