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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 07/15/2020

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 07/22/2020 1:51pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
Virtual Zoom Meeting
July 15, 2020

Present: Amy Atamian, Vanessa McPherson, Dave Pattee, Todd Eubanks, Kirby Klump

Also Present: Eugene Burke and Carlos Pavia of Veolia

Amy Atamian called the meeting to order at 7:34 PM


Remove Rich Regan’s name from list of members present

Change spelling of “Venessa” to “Vanessa”

Page 1, Last Paragraph; remove ‘d’ from ‘was’

Page 2, Under CBYD, remove ‘zxs’ from the end of the paragraph.

Page 2, second to last bullet; “The cost of a new pump is $,730 each” should say “The cost of a new pump is $4,730 each”

Page 3, paragraph 2; “He asked if the PAC would still be below the permitted amount if there was an increased flow, or if the plant were running at capacity.” Should say: “He asked if the phosphorus would still be below the permitted amount if there was an increased flow, or if the plant were running at capacity.”

Page 3, paragraph 3; change “raw sewage pump” to “transfer pump”

Motion: Approve the minutes from the June 17, 2020 minutes: K, Klump, motion. D. Pattee, second. Approved unanimously.


Health and Safety

Veolia Water monthly safety training topics conducted in June 2020 included:

• VNA Covid-19 Workplace Policy Training

The project has completed 19 years with no safety incidents.

Noteworthy Operational Information / Maintenance and PM

• Weekly power washing of the on-line primary drum screener.
• Wasted 69,616 gallons of sludge from recycle wet well to the GBT
• 12,556 gallons of waste was removed for off-site disposal
o Trying to stay on top of waste removal to keep the sludge thinner.
• Yearly fire extinguisher and fire alarm inspection was completed
• Quarterly ATMR and Sludge testing completed
• Organic and inorganic membrane cleanings performed
o It was a very productive cleaning and the membranes are performing very well.


• 6-11 – Plant had a pause in power – plant okay
o There was a power interruption, but everything came right back on. There were no major interruptions. With the upgrade to digital, Mr. Burke stated that the plant performed just as it was designed to.

• 6-17-20 – 52 Old Georgetown Road – No mark out required
• 6-17-20 – 115 Redding Road – No mark out required
• 6-2-20 – Georgetown Road – No mark out required
• 6-14-20 – 100 Redding Road – No mark out required

Points for Discussion
• Drum screener repair – Repair is in progress; should be completed tomorrow
o Municipal Maintenance is on site and the work should be completed tomorrow. They have installed an external grease fitting outside of the drum so it can be greased weekly to keep the roller moving.
o Mr. Burke stated that the roller on the other unit seems to have the same issue. There is a quote included in the meeting packet with an estimate of $22,870.00
o Ms. Atamian voiced that it is concerning that the unit that is making noise is only 2 years old. Mr. Burke stated that it is the same roller issue and they would like to have a grease fitting installed.
o Ms. Atamian stated that she would like a quote for a whole new one including a warranty, so this does not happen again. Mr. Burke stated that he will do this and has also asked Municipal Maintenance for a quote for maintaining the drum screeners.

• Odor Control fan failure
o Currently, there is one fan taking care of the entire plant. There is a throttle installed so it can do the work of two fans. There are two installed, but one is currently offline and needs to be replaced.
o Pure Power Electric has supplied a quote of $2,705.20
o There is no age on the current fans. Mr. Pattee stated that if it is the original fan, it is over 12 years old.

MOTION: Approve the purchase of a new odor control fan for $2,705.20 from Pure Power Electric. D. Pattee, motion. K. Klump, second.

• Raw Sewage Pump repair and purchase of a new replacement.
o Mr. Burke provided 2 quotes for repair. One for $4,730 and another for $5,791.25.
o Out of 3 pumps, 2 are currently on-line. Mr. Burke stated that although this is not needed right now, it will be needed in the future.
o The life span for these blowers is 8-10 years, they are currently 12 years old, but do not all run constantly.
o Mr. Eubanks asked that a spreadsheet be created for all parts and pumps installed at the plant to keep track of when things are replaced and differentiate between them.

• Blower repair
o The current blower is not emitting the air flow that it should in order to give the membranes proper buoyancy. Keiser has provided a quote for $3,201.32.
o Mr. Burke stated that this is a crucial fix and should be put at the top of the priority list.

MOTION: Allow for Keiser Compressors to repair the malfunctioning blower for $3,201.32. D. Pattee, motion. K. Klump, second. Passed unanimously.

• Covid – 19 plan
o Mr. Burke included Veolia’s complete COVID-19 procedure manual in the meeting packet.

• Power study
o The current recommendation from Veolia is that there is no action needed to be taken at this time. The plant is protected from any surges coming through the system. Mr. Burke stated that if the commission feels that more protection for the plant is necessary, that can be arranged.
o Ms. Atamian asked for clarification as to what was causing damage to the plant and the VFD’s. Mr. Burke stated that because of the isolators that were installed, they have controlled any surges that come through the plant.
o Ms. Atamian stated that when she read the power study, she did not see any recommendation of work that needed to be done. Mr. Burke stated that there currently is no recommendation. Ms. Atamian requested that John Oatley and Matthew Johnson of Veolia be present at next months meeting.

• Rotary Pump
o Control Systems of Connecticut has left a Rotary Pump at the WWTP in case there is a backup needed. It has been sitting there for months as it was overstock from the company.
o Control Systems of Connecticut submitted a quote for $15,700.
o Mr. Burke suggested that the commission make an offer to the company to purchase the pump.
o Ms. Atamian informed Mr. Burke that the commission would like to convey an offer of $8,000.

Regulatory & Compliance

A. There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of June 2020.
• Mr. Pattee asked what was going on with the level sensor issue that Mr. Burke mentioned at last month’s meeting. Mr. Burke stated that there is no update for that issue, but they hope to get NIC on site soon to figure out and fix the problem.


MOTION: Approve all bills, (except Veolia Monthly – July 2020 $28,671.92) T. Eubanks, motion. K. Klump, second. Approved unanimous.

Bills to be Paid:

FY 2020:
1. Aquarion Monthly: $421.60
2. Aquarion Meter Readings: $70.09
3. Eversource: $5,841.50
4. Hocon Gas: $15.00
5. Veolia CBYD – May 2020: $30.00
6. Veolia CBYD – June 2020: $60.00
7. Veolia Meter Readings: $486.41

FY 2021:
1. Oak Ridge Hauling: $160.37
2. CT DEEP – Permit Renewal: $1,722.50

• Mr. Pattee asked if there have been any updates from Millone and Macbroom regarding the building cracks. Ms. Atamian stated that this is a Town building therefore it is not being done through the WPCC. Mr. Pattee mentioned that since there is a new maintenance facilitator for the Town, maybe he should be filled in on what is going on with the cracks.



Motion to adjourn: D. Pattee, motion. T. Eubanks, second. Meeting adjourned at 9:05PM.

Submitted by Katherine Stauffer